Top 10 Factorio tips

Use your pc to keep your food warm when you lose track of time

Improve your tools.

It’s critical to select successful professions and correctly develop your pawn in Dragon’s Dogma if you want to improve your fighting skills. Having said that, the equipment you use will ultimately determine how successful you are in battle. As a result, it’s critical to upgrade your equipment. Except for jewelry, every item of equipment may be improved. As shown by the star symbols above, each of these items may be improved a total of three times. You’ll need to locate a local merchant in order to upgrade your gear. Many retailers may enable you to upgrade your equipment for a fee. The initial upgrade for a piece of equipment will cost you a certain amount of gold. More sophisticated improvements, on the other hand, will need the use of more resources. Prioritize spending your resources on improving your weaponry. This is a good method to improve your fighting skills. You won’t find better weapons as often as you will superior armor from treasure drops. Consider saving armor upgrade resources until you can buy a solid three-star upgrade until you discover the ideal piece of armor.

Unlock This Priceless Shortcut

PC Gamer is the source of this image. After completing the first part of the game, you’ll need to go to the Shadowfort, which is located far south of Gran Soren. The journey is lengthy and exhausting, which is to be expected for your first expedition. Later on, though, you will need to go back and forth between the capital and the Shadowfort many times. You may, however, take use of a shortcut. Even better, by unlocking the shortcut, you’ll also get access to a very useful merchant. This journey will need you to be at least level 25 to finish. To begin, go west of Gran Soren. After some time has passed, you will come across a merchant standing outside of a quarry. When you speak with the merchant, he will urge you to clear the quarry of monsters so that a route to South Gransys may be cleared. Clearing the quarry should be difficult, but doable if you’re at least level 25. The merchant will establish his shop within the quarry after it has been cleared and will sell a variety of expensive goods. You’ll also have a much quicker shortcut to the Shadowfort now. On the map above, you can see the location of an old quarry.

Pay Attention to the Make-Up of Your Party

While one of the best methods to improve your fighting skills is to upgrade your gear, your party composition is still an important aspect of battle. In Dragon’s Dogma, you are given your own pawn to construct and level as you go through the game. However, you may add two more pawns to your group by acquiring them from other players. Your extra pawns are pre-built and do not level while battling with you since they came from previous players. As a result, you’ll want to think about it while picking out your extra pawns. You’ll require at least one mage with healing skills in your team. Having two of these mages in your party, as well as at least one melee-focused character, is the safest choice. You’ll need someone to heal you and the rest of your team, as well as someone to divert attention (aggro) away from the weaker members of your party. Make sure you switch out your pawns often since your extra pawns will not level with you. Beyond that, determining which squad composition works best for you will take some time and experimentation.

Collect some fresh spring water

In Dragon’s Dogma, healing takes a bit more effort than in previous games. Healing spells are available in the game. These spells, however, may not be sufficient to keep your group alive throughout tough fights. As a result, you’ll need high-quality consumables. To do this, you’ll need to collect some Spring Water. In Dragons’ Dogma, spring water is a consumable item that heals each member of your party for a staggering 330 hit points. With four members in your party, a single use of the consumable may restore your whole party for up to 1,320 health points. As a result, experienced players consider this equipment to be a must-have. To collect spring water, you’ll need a large number of empty flasks. Aestella’s shop by the entry fountain in Gran Soren sells empty flasks for 20 gold apiece. The next step is to locate a healing spring. Within the game, there are three distinct healing springs. A healing spring can be found north of Conqueror’s Sanctuary, northwest of Gran Soren, and northwest of The Blighted Mase. One of the healing springs may be seen in the illustration above. Consider putting a Portcrystal near the healing spring of your choosing to make the return journey easier. This way, you won’t have to repeat the journey every time. You may also make a lot of money by selling the Spring Water flasks. Finally, don’t forget to distribute some of the spring water bottles to your pawns. When the party’s health is running low, they’ll utilize the flasks.

How to Increase Any Character’s Loyalty to You

Affinity is a measure of a character’s friendship or love for the player character in Dragon’s Dogma. Despite the fact that affinity has no impact on combat effectiveness or anything else, many players will get interested about the affinity system at some time. To that end, here are some pointers on how to increase a character’s fondness for you. As the game continues, a character’s feelings towards the player character will change. Giving a character a lot of presents is the simplest method to build their affinity. Simply conversing with characters increases affinity by a little amount. You’ll need to accomplish missions for that character to truly increase your affinity with them. You may, however, reduce your liking for a different character. Drawing your weapon in public, lifting people up, colliding with others, and other acts that seem to be anti-social can reduce a character’s liking for you. There is an item you can get if you want a surefire method to increase a character’s affinity. It will, however, require some effort.

Liquids should not be poured down the drain.

As of yet, having a filthy kitchen has no negative consequences in the game. Despite this, many gamers still like keeping their surroundings clean. If you’re cleaning up, you may want to put your unused beverages in the sink. This should not be done. Cleaning the sink is much more difficult than you may imagine, particularly if you use it as a repository. To clean up quickly and easily, just throw your liquid and solid waste into the trashcan.

Store your spices in a safe place

In this game, you’ll need to use your spices often. As a result, you’ll want to have them near at hand. Some players find it most convenient to arrange their spices by color and keep them close to their cooktops. That said, deciding where the spices should be near your prep area and how they should be arranged will most likely take some time.

Food Doesn’t Go Bad

Food does not deteriorate in Cooking Simulator. As a result, you may use the game’s system to your advantage by never spending time in the kitchen. If you’re not quite ready to start cleaning but don’t have any fresh dishes to make for the day, start planning meals for the following day. There will be no damage done since food does not deteriorate.