Top 10 F l studio tips

Most rides allow a fanny pack or purse if it can be zipped.

To rent a one-time-use locker large enough for backpacks is $2.00 to get in and $3.00 for every 30 minutes with a max fee of $20.00. An “all day” locker costs $10-15 per day, and you can open it as many times as you like — this is ideal if you plan to get wet at Volcano Bay and also ride the dry roller coasters.

Use the Universal Studios mobile app to find shortest wait times for rides.

Download the Universal Studios Orlando app and use it to decide which rides to hit next. Maybe you want to ride Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts, but the wait time for Revenge of the Mummy is a bit shorter — go with Revenge of the Mummy.

Ice water is free throughout the park.

Just head to a quick-service counter for a cup of water. Also, if you bring in your own water bottle, it’s free to fill it with water at the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines.

Make phone number bracelets for your kids to wear.

These can double as luggage tags too in a pinch! You can also write your phone number on your children’s arms with a pen. Learn more tips for packing when you have kids.

Buy your kids a $5.00 Lad Lard’s Pink Donut to share.

Get this huge donut inside Simpson’s Land, and plan to share it. Not only is it big enough for a couple of people, it’ll be cheaper than buying individual desserts for your kids.

Buy tickets cheaper online through a third-party vendor.

I bought my tickets through Official Ticket Center and saved about $20 per ticket. You can also look for tickets through Visit Orlando if they’re cheaper. Or check out Groupon for up to $50 off each ticket when you buy a 5-day pass.

Save your projects as a "zipped loop package" rather than an flp.

Under the "export" menu, there's an option to export a zipped loop packagewhat this does is it exports a .zip file that includes not only the .flp file, but all of the samples you used and other vital information (except, obviously, VSTs) needed to open the project. fl studio can open these zip files directly. so, if one day you open a year-old project you had, you won't have to worry about any samples you might have deleted, or edited samples you dropped in from edison that are from a past version.this does take up more space, but if you can afford that space, definitely do this.

If you're too lazy to manually change the velocity of every single note in the piano roll, you can use the Randomizer to do it (and more) for you!

If you can't find ideas for drums...

Go to Fruity DrumSynth Live > presets > randomize and then mess around in the piano roll. This is great if you don't want to go look for samples or just be 'more original'. You may want to set the pan knob to the middle as this gets randomized too. This even applies to other synths, randomizing Sakura or Toxic Biohazard can make some pretty spooky sounds :D

The mystery is automation.

I've seen a lot of posts about this recently so I thought I'd give a tip to maybe stem the tide:If you're in a project and settings seem to be changing on their own. You swear you turned a knob but now it's turned a different way. You're sure you put a fader at one height and now it's something else.It's automation. Automation is recording changes in settings at different time points. You made an automation clip, by mistake, recorded an automation by mistake, or setup a start in this position by mistake. You can go in the project browser and get a list of all the automations in your project to figure out what the culprit is.