Top 10 F l studio tips

Or buy your tickets with your American Express to get free snacks and water in the AMEX Lounge.

As a perk for using your American Express card to purchase Universal Studios tickets, you’ll get entrance to the AMEX Lounge inside the park. Honestly, it’s not a great place to hang out for extended amounts of time because it’s usually crowded, but it’s a great place to refuel with free water and snacks like chips and cookies. It doesn’t matter what vendor you buy your tickets through — if you use your American Express card, you’ll get lounge access.

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FL Studio Overview

Here is a broad overview of the FL Studio interface and the basics of using the software. Interface Overview

If you know you’ll be returning in years to come, buy a refillable mug.

Refillable mugs are $14.99 and they’re good for the whole day — there’s a chip in the bottom, so you just need to visit a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine and choose from 100 soda flavor combinations. You have to wait 10 minutes between refills, but if you bring the mug back to the park for refills it’s only $7.99 per day. Some visitors report that they’re still able to use their refillable mug after over a decade.

A fanny pack too 1980s for you? Pack a FlipBelt instead.

Runners use the FlipBelt to store keys, phones, and more. It costs less than $30.00 and there are four zippers to access “pockets” around the belt instead of a single pouch like a fanny pack.

Step Sequencer

The FL Studio Step Sequencer is where you create multiple drum patterns and melodies. The patterns you make in the Step Sequencer are then added to the Playlist to be turned into a full song. More info: Channel Rack & Step Sequencer

Dial 62442 (MAGIC) on the phone in Diagon Alley and you’ll reach the Ministry of Magic.

Just give it a try!

Plan to use the free lockers, or you might lose your place in line.

The Incredible Hulk Coaster and Rip Ride Rocket don’t allow any loose items at all — no fanny packs, FlipBelts — nada. There’s a metal detector to make sure you comply, so be sure to put your items into a free locker before you get in line. If you try to sneak even your mobile phone along, you’ll be sent to a locker and the end of the line. Trust me. These lockers are free as long as you’re in on the ride (or in line). After that it’s $3.00 per 30 minutes up to $20.00. They judge time based on wait times for rides and how long it takes to ride.

Eat lunch at CityWalk instead of in the park — less crowds and better food.

Prices at CityWalk right outside the park entrance will be about the same as they are inside the park. But if you want a break from the crowds and arguably a better meal, head to Toothsome Chocolate Emporium, Margaritaville or Antojitos.

Download the Heads Up! app to pass the time in line.

This is an easy win and might help your kids make friends in line with them. Heads Up! is only $0.99 on iTunes.