F l studio tips

FL Studio Mixer

The FL Studio mixer is where you can edit the volume, pan audio, add effects, and more. More info: The Mixer

How to Use the Playlist

The playlist is where you arrange your patterns into a full song. More info: The Playlist Related: How to Arrange Beats ( Video ) Related: How to Set Up Your Midi Keyboard

FL Studio Browser

The FL Studio Browser is where projects, samples, presets, and VST plugins are stored. More info: FL Studio Browser

Piano Roll

The Piano Roll is where you create and edit melodies for your beat. Learn about:

  • Notes
  • Pitch
  • Velocity
  • Panning More details: Piano Roll

Step Sequencer

The FL Studio Step Sequencer is where you create multiple drum patterns and melodies. The patterns you make in the Step Sequencer are then added to the Playlist to be turned into a full song. More info: Channel Rack & Step Sequencer

FL Studio Overview

Here is a broad overview of the FL Studio interface and the basics of using the software. Interface Overview

Installing FL Studio

Here are the steps to install and set up your audio settings for FL Studio. Download the FL Studio Trial or Buy FL StudioFL Studio comes in three versions.1. Fruity Edition2. Producer Edition3. Signature Bundle

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