F l studio tips

Use the Menu Shortcuts

The menus in FL have letters underlined. If you hit the underlined letter while the menu is open it will do that thing. For example, if you’re making an automation clip, something we do hundreds of times, instead of right clicking and then going to the “create automation clip” you can instead just hit “a.” It’s so fast that I am often asked about how I did that so quickly since the menu is only visible for a split second. As a quick side tip, if you’re going to make an automation clip consider selecting a part of the timeline because FL will automatically make the automation the length of your selection! Another case where it’s useful and very common is making a pattern unique. Instead of opening the menu and looking for that option you can simply hit “m.”

Know the Navigation Keyboard Shortcuts

There are a few special ones that if you don’t have down you should get down! They are: F5 – Playlist F6 – Step sequencer F8 – Browser F9 – The mixer These have large buttons at the top to get to these menus. However, you will flip between these constantly. Using the keyboard shortcuts simplifies the process of bringing these menus up and keeps you focused on writing music. The channel rack in particular is one you will constantly be bringing back and forth. You can click in an open space in the work area to bring this up as well. For this reason, I try to leave at least one little space of background as it can be faster sometimes. As a general rule if you reach for a menu more than 5 times in a single session consider learning its keyboard shortcut.

Leave backpacks in the car unless you want to pay for lockers.

Universal Studios doesn’t allow backpacks on rides so if it’s possible to go without it, leave it in the car.

If you want to ride the Hogwarts Train, you need a 2-Park Pass.

You can’t even get on the train without an entrance pass for both parks. So heads up — if your only reason to visit Universal is for Harry Potter, spring for the 2-park pass.

Upgrade to Club level at your Universal Resort, and eat every meal with it.

Depending on when you visit, if you upgrade to a Club level room, you will pay anything from $60-$150 more per night than you would without it. But with Club level you get access to a breakfast buffet for the whole family (7-10 a.m.), afternoon snacks (12-3 p.m.), hot and cold hors d’ouevres and free beer and wine (4:30-6:30 p.m.), and sweets from 8-9 p.m. In theory, you could time it so you’re doing every meal at the hotel. Even if you just ate breakfast and either lunch or dinner at the hotel, it’d save you boatloads compared to eating at the park.

Make phone number bracelets for your kids to wear.

These can double as luggage tags too in a pinch! You can also write your phone number on your children’s arms with a pen. Learn more tips for packing when you have kids.

Get your picture taken with a live raptor.

Visit the Raptor Encounter inside Islands of Adventure to get a photo op with Blue from Jurassic World.

Don’t buy Express Passes ahead of time — wait until you see what the crowds are like.

Why? Because if it’s a little rainy, or crowds are just low that day, you likely won’t need Express Passes. You can always buy them at the park for the same price you’d get them online.

Best time to visit Universal Studios is not summer and not Christmas.

The takeaway here is to avoid visiting in the summer and the last half of December if you hate crowds. You’ll probably want to avoid local spring break too, so do your research before you take a spring break trip.

Get into the park an hour earlier than everyone else when you stay at any of the hotels on-property.

If you don’t want to pay to stay in one of the three on-property hotels that’ll snag you an Unlimited Express Pass, at least spring for a cheaper option on-property so you can get Early Admission into the park. Early Admission allows you to beat the crowds to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and ride Minions Mayhem before anyone else gets there. Literally any of the Universal hotels on-property will get you this perk: Loews Portofino, Loews Royal Pacific, Hard Rock, Loews Sapphire Falls, Cabana Bay or Loews Aventura.