F l studio tips

If you're too lazy to manually change the velocity of every single note in the piano roll, you can use the Randomizer to do it (and more) for you!

Save your projects as a "zipped loop package" rather than an flp.

Under the "export" menu, there's an option to export a zipped loop packagewhat this does is it exports a .zip file that includes not only the .flp file, but all of the samples you used and other vital information (except, obviously, VSTs) needed to open the project. fl studio can open these zip files directly. so, if one day you open a year-old project you had, you won't have to worry about any samples you might have deleted, or edited samples you dropped in from edison that are from a past version.this does take up more space, but if you can afford that space, definitely do this.

Use the backup autosave feature, it's a life saver.

I'm pretty sure FL can set this as default to never autosave so make sure you change that otherwise.Story time:This feature just saved me. I somehow managed to do an hour's worth of work, bounced out an mp3 of my current progress and crossed it off and somehow forgot to save my work at all, disregarding the save reminder pop-up?! I got really confused to why I couldn't find it saved anywhere when I returned to working on it a few days later, so I gave the benefit of the doubt that I had actually forgotten to save it. Luckily that autosave feature has my back, true mvp.tl;dr use the backup autosave feature which you can change under "Settings -> File".

Put a Wave candy on the 'Selected' mixer channel to save CPU, stop you from going crazy.

Wave Candy can eat quite a bit of CPU, especially if you have multiple instances running. Plus they don't have an easy 'close' button, so they might mess up your workspace. To remedy this, I always put just one Wave Candy on the Selected mixer channel (most right, next to the send channels). The FX in channel are applied to the mixer channel you select, so you can easily do analysis on any one of your channels without losing performance.

Link all parameters.

If you have a midi controller and want to control a whole bunch of knobs on a plugin, try the downarrow menu and hit Lunk all parameters. The program will now show the usual midi link screen, but after assigning a control, it will move on to the next item in the list so you can keep twisting knobs and faders to connect all the parameters as desired.

Lock automations to hear individual tracks in the context of the song while soloing them

When using FPC, you can assign individual pads to different FX channels.

Initiall I was hesitant to use FPC because I thought I would have to EQ all my drums together (since usually a generator is limited to 1 FX channel). However, you can assign an FX channel offset using the "Output" setting near the top right after selecting a given pad. For example if your FPC was on FX channel 1, and you gave your snare pad an Output offset of 2, you could control the FX of the snare using channel 3. FPC just got a lot more useful for me....