Top 10 Eve tips

You can drag any fit into your Market Quickbar to create an organized and easy buy list of everything in that fit.

Have fun.

If you have a bounty on your head, might be a good time to cash in using Genolutions.

Genolution CA-3 and CA-4 prices have crashed (from 3.4B and 2.8B to less than 100M) so you can extract a lot of bounty from your pod by plugging them in and using an alt to pod yourself (in game). Then if you want, you can use some of that bounty reward to buy another set and repeat.Money laundering in Eve: not just for Somer!

Don't try use more than 1 at once.

Consumed 2 from remote asset, had 800k to apply. Applied and only gained 400k, rest vanished into the void. Already made a bug report 2 days ago but just posting to hopefully save someone the pain.

Don't forget to recover your expensive core probes before logging off..

Not a proud moment.