Top 10 Escapefrom tarkov tips

Pop a morphine as soon as you spawn on Factory.

If you get a blacked leg or arm, it won't slow you down and you can immediately spam meds anytime you take fire, making you that much more durable without having to worry about sudden loss of combat effectiveness.Happy slaying!Note: This is more of a pro tip for the event, where money doesn't matter and you've got as much morphine as you want. Obviously mileage may vary once the wipe comes and we can't afford to spend like that for a week or so...

Sniper scavs can see in the dark now.

They must have increased their perception by a lot. But several times it's been pitch black and I'm in a bush with night vision (woo, new years gift) and they spotted me before I even fired.

You can right-click on equipment to check their layout before buying it.

Clear the DirectX Shader Cache after updates.

Sometimes after a minor patch or even a Windows update you might encounter that the game became inexplicably unplayable with stutters galore and poor framerates. I found that what helps is clearing the Direct X Shader Cache, which is really easy to do, just go into your system drive properties, disk cleanup and have it ticked. those should help out!

Pick USEC 2 Voice.

When you run down to zero stamina on USEC 2 voice, the heavy breathing isn’t as loud as USEC 1, so you don’t sacrifice your hearing as much.

Know you killed someone when using NVidia Highlights.

When NVidia highlights is enabled. Highlights (kills) are stored on the fly under %temp%/highlights folder. Kind of lame but certainly a thing.

Press "BACK" to escape from Tarkov

New Players/Buyers of the game make sure you verify with your bank that youre purchasing EFT.

This is namely for US buyers, or anyone with Chase but since BSG uses XSOLLA based out of Russia for payment services to buy the game, check with your financial institutions fraud dept and let them know youre making your purchase and it is in fact you. Had to do this my self, calling my bank literally 5 times. Figured I would put this out there with the NYE coming soon since it snt talked about really

If you want to spot people hiding in bushes, use a flashlight.

Never seen it suggested here before, not even on the BSG forums.After a couple of years of playing and only discovering this technique about 6 months's paid off time and time again.It has something to do with how a PMC can blend in a bush in between the green leaves and the dark spots/shadows it overcasts upon itself.Flashlights eliminate all bush shadows and they look so much more visible.


You can level it by carrying more than your max weight, 36.6 kg is not enough need to go over. Throwing nades also increases strength, 2 exp per nade toss.Someone was telling me that hatcheting increases your strength but I'm not sure I believe them.