Entrepreneur tips

Motion is a browser plugin that allows you to simply press Alt+C to open your calendar, Alt+A to copy your availabilities + infinity other features that save weeks of your life.

There you go: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/motion/nidganghegonkcecgjgpppihfknjobecCopy-pasting some other features here:- Join-call button right before a meeting. - Easily create personal booking links.- Running late to your next meeting? Let guests know in one click.A feature that I particularly like myself is that you can see time in multiple timezones side-by-side, which makes it easier to coordinate with other people. Hopefully this was helpful!

One thing you'll never get used to when starting a new business.

The sheer slowness of it. I think this is what causes a lot of people to quit. It can just seem like absolutely nothing is moving forward despite your efforts. But it's a trick of the mind. The first few seconds when a plane engine starts, it stays in the same position. That doesn't mean that nothing is happening.

Use Nextdoor to promote yourself locally.

The Nextdoor app is amazing! I saw some neighbor comment that she knows a great pet sitter and nine different neighbors commented asking for contact information. By contrast, I tried signing up for Wag to walk dogs and didn't even get hired. It sounds like I'm a corporate shill for Nextdoor but no, I just saw in the window washing thread how some of you are afraid to go knocking on doors, so try announcing yourself on the app and you might get some business.

Save time/money by asking Suppliers to take product photos.

If you're like me and you have no graphic design and no photography skills, it can be difficult and costly to get really nice product photos. If you're also like me, you'll be pedantic about making sure your product looks absolutely awesome in the photo. I started asking Alibaba suppliers if they could take the photos for me and so far I've been pretty impressed with the results. There have been a lot of photos I wouldn't even bother using and sometimes they are not as spectacular as I would like/as I could pay to get, but every time they've been 100 times better than anything I could've done on my own.

You can use Facebook audience insights to build a free customer profile from your email list.

We've been struggling to build an accurate customer profile for some of our customer segments for a bit. Someone had the idea to export the email addresses of customers into those segments and upload them to Facebook so we could look at the audience insight data.Within 30 minutes we had great insights into several customer segments. I can't believe I had not thought of this before. So much cheaper and faster than hiring a consultant or marketing firm.

Study Your Prospective Client's Yelp Reviews.

I do IT servicing for residential clients and small businesses. I've found that if I comb the Yelp reviews of a business I'd like to pitch my services to, I can home in on problems they may already be looking to solve. It also has the added effect of appearing as if you read their mind.If you want to look like a miracle worker and keep that info to yourself, I don't blame you. But some clients will appreciate the time you took to look into what they are going through if you do tell them.Pitching is fine. Pitching with useful intel is better.

Back Up Your Amazon Listing Information.

Amazon can lose or remove any of your content for your product listing and they will not be able to get it back. This includes reviews you worked hard to get. I have a niche product and it was hard work getting 10 reviews. Now they are all gone and Amazon cannot get them back. They want me to supply the information to them for them to restore the reviews.

Don’t Be Afraid to Sell

Selling is a huge part of entrepreneurship, and a lot of entrepreneurs dread the sales aspect. Here’s the good news, you don’t have to be afraid. You know why? Because you owe it to your prospect to provide them with a solution for their problem. And if your product solves their problem, you owe it to them to let them know about it. Be the number one fan of your product, brand, and business. Passion for what you do is priceless. It will give you the motivation and the confidence to stand by your work and sell to others. Passion is contagious. When you love what you do, your prospective customers will feel it, and they will be more inclined to buy from you.

Set the Pace for Your Team, Business, and Industry

Pacesetters in a marathon play an important role. They take the responsibility of tracking and ensuring that their teams cross the finish line in the first position. Being a pacesetter will help you break the mold and become a disruptor. This is the number one way to stay ahead of the curve and set trends in your industry. It will establish you as an industry leader and go-to business for cutting edge solutions. You can be an industry pacesetter by coming up with innovations and discovering systems that increase your effectiveness. Also, be a great listener and understand what your customers want. Develop solutions to address their pain points.

Cultivate Next Level Relationships

Surround yourself with people who are better than you. Surrounding yourself with people who are better than you or those who are headed in the same direction will help you grow and attain your goals quicker. Be critical of the people you spend your time with. As they say, you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Avoid relational baggage when dealing with people. People who aren’t pursuing growth will pull you back and push you further from your goals. Surround yourself with positive people who are happy about your growth and success.