Top 10 Enough trump spam tips

Start Living Below Your Means Right Now

You don’t want to just buy all your food and supplies with a credit card. Instead, look for ways to lower your bills until you have some money left over for preps.

Don’t Blow All Your Money In The First Month

Prepping is something that should be done slowly and steadily. Oftentimes there are survival items you think you need, then later you find out there’s a better deal somewhere or that you already own a suitable substitute. So try to be patient.

Store Plenty Of Water

Water is technically more important than food, and you’re going to go through it faster than you think. You don’t have to just buy bottled water. You can collect your own water and store it in collapsible containers or barrels for long periods of time in your garage or basement.

Don’t Store Water In Old Milk Jugs

It is so tempting and it seems like a good idea at the time, but it will end in disaster. It’s hard to wash out all the milk residue which means you could end up with harmful bacteria growing in you water. Also, the plastic is not hardy and will eventually break down, creating a big mess.

Don’t Buy Food Your Family Doesn’t Eat

Finding a great deal on a case of canned spinach may seem like a great way to fill the shelves in your pantry, but if your family refuses to eat it, you will have wasted time, money, and space. It’s nice to find a great deal, but if it doesn’t fit your family, pass on it and wait for the next one.

Store More Than Just Canned Food

There is this idea that a food pantry must be loaded with canned foods and nothing else. You need to have a variety of canned, dry, and freeze-dried foods in order to diversify your diet. Otherwise you will get bored with canned food, and all that extra sodium will be bad for your health.

Use Sturdy Shelves For Your Storage

Those flimsy, particleboard shelves may be inexpensive, but they will not hold up long when you start piling bags of beans and cases of canned goods on them. Your best option would be wire shelving. It is sturdy and can tolerate more weight.

Don’t Put All Your Preps In One Place

You never know when disaster will strike. Your entire food storage could be wiped out in the blink of an eye. Place some caches around the area where you live, keep a bug out bag in every vehicle, and if possible, keep some supplies at your bug out location.

There’s More To Prepping Than How Much You Store

It takes knowledge and skill as well. Here are 20 skills you might need. For each of these, you need to get training and hands-on experience. Have a nice library of reference materials stashed away as well.

Don’t Forget About Hygiene and Sanitation

Stocking up on toilet paper and soap is just as important as stocking up on food and water. You have to stay clean in order to avoid becoming sick. Getting sick during a survival situation–when hospitals are either closed or overrun–could end up killing you.