Top 10 Engineering students tips

Buy an agenda book and use it

Most students have an agenda book, but they don’t write anything in it. On Monday, write down all of the week’s assignments. Most teachers have them posted in the classroom.

Top Five Lists and Best of the Web

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Create a rough weekly schedule

It’s impossible to follow a schedule down to the minute, but it’s still helpful to create a schedule. Write down your rough weekly schedule based on your recurring commitments, e.g. school, extracurricular activities, family and social events, religious activities. Then block out regular time each week for homework and studying. For example, your rough weekly schedule might state that you’ll do work on:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 7pm to 9:30pm
  • Tuesday and Thursday: 4pm to 7pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 2pm to 5pm

Test yourself periodically

Don’t assume that just because you’ve read the notes and looked through some examples that you understand the material well. For all you know, you might have been daydreaming during those study sessions. What else should you do to be a good student, if reading your notes doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get better grades? Test yourself periodically. Do plenty of practice questions and keep a list of the mistakes you’ve made, so that you won’t repeat those mistakes in the exam.

College Essay Tips and Advice

You can blog about how students can improve their writing skills, or you can write posts that highlight successful tips from other writers. There's no limit to what you want to talk about on this topic, and it's really up to you and your expertise. Here are some ideas:

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Get rid of distractions before they become distractions

The biggest obstacle to doing well in school is distractions. To overcome distractions, you can’t only depend on willpower. Few of us have the willpower necessary to fight off all the distractions that surround us in this digital era. Here are some ways to eliminate distractions before they become distractions:

  • Turn off notifications on your phone/tablet
  • Delete all the apps that distract you
  • Put your phone/tablet in another room before you start work
  • Set a really, really long password to unlock your phone/tablet
  • Restrict your Internet access
  • Have only one tab open in your browser at any one time
  • Find an accountability partner as you make these changes

Good understanding of the basics

Central theories are the main aspects when physics is considered. The central theories are the ones from which other aspects develop. All the mathematical problems which need to be solved in physical would evolve from these central theories or with a slight variation from those theories. It is hence good to avoid memorizing problems, understand the basic concepts and theories along with their principles and work out problems. It would be suggested to develop mind map so that you can have an overview of the basic physical concepts and understand the subject easier.

Take practice exams under exam conditions

It isn’t practical to do too many practice exams under exam conditions, because it’s time-consuming. But before every exam, I recommend that you do at least two to three practice exams under exam conditions. This will help you to prepare adequately, and will train you to deal with the time pressure of the exam too.

Dedicate a space for every class in your book bag.

In the department store aisles, there are boxes and boxes of binders, folders and organizational tools. For every class, dedicate a binder, folder or notebook. There should be a place for class notes, handouts and homework assignments. Some of the larger binders can accommodate all classes. It is really a matter of personal choice; just keep papers separated by class.

After class

Once the physics lecture is over, it would be best to review and read through the taught lesson. If there are any doubts, it can be clarified on the same day. Revision of physics lesson makes the concept clear and also gets registered in the mind. 13. Problem-solving technique in physics: It is a known fact that physics has a number of problems, in order to be a good problem solver there are few aspects to understand and follow. To be effective and expert in problem-solving, one has to remember the following technics. The student first needs to analyze what the problem is about. Then he has to read and understand the problem and get to know what is to be found out. Depending upon the problem, he needs to think about what information, data or formula is to be applied. Once worked out and the solution is found, he needs to find out if the solution is appropriate.