Top 10 Engineering students tips

Fun stuff videos

For people who find the subject tiring and exhausted can try fun stuff videos available. These videos have pictorial representation which is funny but explains theories and concept. This is an interesting way for students to get to know the concepts. For example, super Mario physics, Britney Spears guide to semiconductors and interactive physics simulations.

Make time to relax

Doing well in school isn’t about getting good grades and outperforming your classmates. It’s about leading a balanced life that’s focused on contributing to others. To lead a balanced life, it’s important to set aside time for relaxation. Block out time for relaxation in your weekly schedule to ensure that you don’t burn out.

Other sources to help

In order to study fast and effective, it is good to follow everyday syllabus at school. Completing the chapter covered each day and revision of the same at home is one way to complete each unit. Seeking help from teachers, friends in the form of group study, tutors and third-party sources such as online videos, books, educational sites are few ways which help you study and understand the concept well.

Priority Should Not be Given To Certificates

Many first-year students stay in myth that certifications is important, and they try to earn more certificates. If you are getting a certificate for any course or competition you’ve applied for then it is good but you shouldn’t be taking part in some competition or webinar just for sake of certification. You should be taking part in it to get some experience, to learn new things or to get better. Some students put a certification section in their resume but still, it is always better to put some good projects made by those skills you’ve mentioned in your resume rather than certificates of courses from where you’ve learned those skills. Even many companies just ignore the certification section.

Studying Abroad Topics

Studying abroad is a dream of many students, especially those who do not come from regions with the best educational facilities. It's not just about the facilities though – many students also go to study abroad because they want to get a different cultural experience. Review different overseas programs and discuss the trip planning process. If you've done it yourself or if you know someone who has, then writing about your experiences makes for a good read. Other topics related to studying abroad that you can blog about are:

  • How to apply for student exchange programs
  • Study abroad costs and how much it will really affect your finances.
  • The best countries to study in as an international student.
  • Studying abroad in Europe vs studying in the US
  • What you need to know about studying abroad in Australia
  • The hardest thing about studying abroad as an undergraduate student
  • Share your experiences as an international student.
  • Transferring college credits when shifting to colleges in different countries,
  • Things to do before shifting colleges to different countries, etc.
  • How studying abroad can help students gain more opportunities in the future.

Student Travel Tips

Students often look for advice on where to go, what to do, and what is worth experiencing in the world today. Blog posts about traveling as a student can include: Many students have the desire of traveling during their college years but are limited by money or time. These topics will give them tips on how they can travel more while still being a student. Some great topics include:

  • How to travel abroad as a student
  • The most budget-friendly places to visit
  • How to save money for that trip you've always wanted
  • Where students like traveling the most
  • The best time to visit different destinations
  • How to travel as a student on a budget
  • Off the beaten path must-see places in different cities around the world.
  • Where to visit while studying abroad in the UK
  • Best student travel groups

Select a consistent place to study.

Some people need total quiet while others can study well with music in the background (try classical music). The key is to find a comfortable place and study there regularly, such as the kitchen table, a desk, a favorite chair, bed, etc. Make sure it has adequate lighting and keep all your study supplies in reach.

Tips for Part-Time Students

Going to college at the same time as working can be tough. Here are some possible topics you could write about:

  • How to keep your grades up when working a part-time job
  • Finding part-time jobs that fulfill your school hours
  • How balancing college and work affects grades and stress
  • How to juggle a full-time job and college without burning out
  • Tips for managing your time when you work and go to school

More of practice

Unlike other subjects physics requires good practice in order to learn fast and understand fully. Students can practice all the examples, problems at the end of the session. There are a number of sites that offer online test and mock test for physics. These are the best solution to analyze and test your understanding in the subject. Participation and writing these test can help you face exam related problems and other physics theories. There are many sites where students just need to register and participate in the tests.

Usage of flashcards to study

Physics is a study which involves principles, concepts, units and new words. Make a note of all this so that you can follow your theory and enhance your memory which helps you face problems in the subject. In order to remember all this, flash card or memory study can be useful and help you remember.