Engineering students tips

College Essay and Application Tips

Applying to college can be difficult, especially since there are so many things you must include in your essays and application. These topics could help students:

  • How to write a winning college essay – tips on how to handle the different parts of the essay such as the introduction, thesis statement, body paragraphs, and conclusion.
  • What students should know about applying to colleges in the US vs applying to colleges in the UK
  • Writing an effective college admissions resume – things you should include when creating a resume for your application such as extracurricular activities, awards or honors you have received, job experience, etc.

College Life Problems & Solutions

When you live in a community like a college or a university, problems are bound to come up. Different students will face different challenges depending on the environment they're living in and their personal characteristics.  College life can be hard, especially when it comes to things such as adjusting to the new college lifestyle, making new friends, or having the right study habits. Here are some topics you could blog about:

  • College Life Problems – topics about real problems that students face in college life such as homesickness, loneliness, procrastination…etc.
  • Dealing with difficult roommates
  • Solving the issue of making friends when moving into a new college dorm
  • How to deal with stressful situations – things students can do to stay calm when they're facing a lot of stress in college
  • Partying tips for students – what to know before going out with friends the first time, partying responsibly, getting home safely after a party, etc.

Tips for Part-Time Students

Going to college at the same time as working can be tough. Here are some possible topics you could write about:

  • How to keep your grades up when working a part-time job
  • Finding part-time jobs that fulfill your school hours
  • How balancing college and work affects grades and stress
  • How to juggle a full-time job and college without burning out
  • Tips for managing your time when you work and go to school

Student Travel Tips

Students often look for advice on where to go, what to do, and what is worth experiencing in the world today. Blog posts about traveling as a student can include: Many students have the desire of traveling during their college years but are limited by money or time. These topics will give them tips on how they can travel more while still being a student. Some great topics include:

  • How to travel abroad as a student
  • The most budget-friendly places to visit
  • How to save money for that trip you've always wanted
  • Where students like traveling the most
  • The best time to visit different destinations
  • How to travel as a student on a budget
  • Off the beaten path must-see places in different cities around the world.
  • Where to visit while studying abroad in the UK
  • Best student travel groups

Studying Abroad Topics

Studying abroad is a dream of many students, especially those who do not come from regions with the best educational facilities. It's not just about the facilities though – many students also go to study abroad because they want to get a different cultural experience. Review different overseas programs and discuss the trip planning process. If you've done it yourself or if you know someone who has, then writing about your experiences makes for a good read. Other topics related to studying abroad that you can blog about are:

  • How to apply for student exchange programs
  • Study abroad costs and how much it will really affect your finances.
  • The best countries to study in as an international student.
  • Studying abroad in Europe vs studying in the US
  • What you need to know about studying abroad in Australia
  • The hardest thing about studying abroad as an undergraduate student
  • Share your experiences as an international student.
  • Transferring college credits when shifting to colleges in different countries,
  • Things to do before shifting colleges to different countries, etc.
  • How studying abroad can help students gain more opportunities in the future.

Popular and on-demand areas of studies

Another trending topic is the latest studies about different fields of work. It's important because people are always looking for the latest news in college. You can write about these topics to help students choose majors and find out more about different options they have when it comes to choosing a career path after college:

  • Why you should learn how to code in 2022
  • The most popular and in-demand jobs in America (and what skills you'll need to get these jobs)
  • Most popular college majors for undergraduates
  • 10 in-demand careers you can study online
  • Highest paying college majors

College Majors

This is a topic that your readers can get really excited about, especially if you're discussing the benefits of what they want to major in. Use this opportunity to give more information on what their chosen degree path will be like. Just make sure you're not advocating something that you don't know much about!

  • Other than writing about each specific major, you can also write on:
  • College majors with the highest starting salaries
  • Which degrees give you the most job security?
  • Top 10 reasons why business and economics majors make more money than other graduates.
  • 5 tips to prepare for your first semester as a college student.
  • Future-proof degree programs you should take
  • What should I choose – liberal arts, social sciences, or physical sciences?
  • How to choose a college major that suits your interests and personality.

Jobs for Students after College

Here, you can write about different post-college options that students have. Write blog posts on the perks of each job type, salaries, average workloads, etc. Some possible topics include:

  • 8 jobs for students after college that pay well.
  • The top 10 highest paying temp jobs in America.
  • How working as an online English teacher can help your career.
  • How to apply for jobs like a pro
  • How to use LinkedIn to find job opportunities
  • Preparing for your first job interview after college
  • Conducting informational interviews with employers
  • What is the best way to land a job coming out of college with no work experience?
  • What to do after graduating college

All About Internship

Another very popular topic is how to get an internship or a job. You can write about what you know and give tips on how students can make the best of their college years when it comes to getting jobs. Here are some posts that will help students find internships:

  • Types of internships to consider during college
  • How to ace your first internship interview
  • Different types of jobs you can do during college
  • What is the difference between paid and unpaid internships? How to choose?
  • Top 5 tips for landing your first internship.
  • Best ways to look for an internship as a student.
  • How to land an internship in the corporate world for fresh graduates
  • How you can use your internship as a stepping stone for your career
  • What exactly makes an internship more valuable than just extra credits?
  • How to find an internship that suits your skills and interests

Mental Health Topics for Students (College Stress and Anxiety Blog Topic Ideas)

Many students struggle to cope with stress, anxiety, or depression. You can write posts that give students coping mechanisms and ways to deal with the pressure. Some of these topics include: Dealing with Stress, Anxiety, and Depression in College

  • 4 healthy tips to fight anxiety and depression
  • 10 things you should be doing if you feel overwhelmed by college stress
  • 6 mental health benefits I experienced from meditation
  • How to have a productive day as a student.
  • How to prepare for college mentally
  • How to make your classroom feel like a second home (creating a positive environment)
  • Why visiting a counselor will help you during college