Engineering students tips

Entrepreneurial-related topics

You can also target motivated students looking for ways to start their own businesses. There are many interested in entrepreneurship because they want to be able to work anywhere, anytime, while making their own choices. You can blog about:

  • How to become an entrepreneur in college or at a young age
  • Student entrepreneurs who are already successful – how they started, what inspired them…etc.
  • Ideas for student businesses and why they can be profitable…etc.
  • How to raise money for your business
  • The top online business ideas for college students

How to Start a Blog as a College Student

Starting your own blog is a great way to showcase your passion and talent. And if you're a student, having a blog will help build your authority online by showcasing your expertise in this field. To help students start their own blogs, you can cover topics such as:

  • How to start a blog for college students
  • 10 tips for student bloggers by student bloggers
  • 5 reasons why starting your own blog is important if you're a college student…etc.
  • How to choose the right blog niche for your student blog
  • Types of student blogs you can start today

How to Write a Personal Essay

Essays are not only used for school assessments, they're also used by universities to determine which applicants will be accepted into their programs.  If you want to apply at a university that uses essays as part of their admission process, you gotta ace your personal essay. Writing a personal essay can be a daunting task, especially for someone who has never written one before. If you're struggling with this type of task, you can write about:

  • How to start a personal essay
  • Tips on writing a college admissions essay
  • The best way to organize your thoughts when writing an essay

Dating as a College Student

This is more of a personal blog topic but if you're feeling daring, then try it out! Students nowadays are really into dating, especially those who have just started college. Write about your thoughts on relationships and love – or just have a funny take to share. You can talk about:

  • Best dating apps for college students
  • Dating tips every college student should know
  • College sweethearts – what makes college relationships different from others
  • How to deal with a break-up when you're in college…etc.
  • What is love and how to know when you've found it?
  • College dating rules and etiquette
  • Getting over your ex…etc.

College Party Tips

Students are often excited about their social lives after moving out of their parent's house. While it's alright to party and have fun, it's also a good idea to be safe. There are a lot of parties going on during the first few weeks of the school year and many people want to make sure that they're going to have a good time without getting hurt or hurting someone else.  You can write about:

  • Healthy ways to party – drinking responsibly, having fun without drugs or alcohol…etc.
  • 24-hour hangover cure for college students
  • Top 10 party cities and what you can do there besides partying…etc.
  • The best party schools in the USA/world to attend if you love to have a good time…etc.

How to Get Involved at College (and Why You Should)

Getting involved in college will help build character and teach you valuable lessons. If you can write about how to get involved in college, then people reading your blog will definitely become interested! The best way to encourage college students to get involved is to tell them how it can help them in the future. College blogger topics could be:

  • How getting involved at college will lead you towards your career goals
  • Why you should invest time in extracurricular activities during college
  • Tips on how to get involved even if you're shy
  • What extracurricular activities to pick based on what you want to major in
  • Best college activities to be part of that will help you in your career

Graduation Gifts for College Students

Graduation is a milestone that deserves celebrating and the perfect time to give gifts. Since graduation comes once in a lifetime, it's important to get gifts that will last and won't end up in the trash. For these posts, you're targeting friends, parents and other relatives of the graduands. You can write about:

  • Unique DIY graduation gifts that they'll love
  • Graduation gift ideas for college students
  • Graduation gifts for finance majors
  • Graduation gift ideas for a nursing student

Dealing With the Freshman 15

When you move away from home and go to college, there are so many things you can try for the first time.  One of those is definitely food!  For some reason, going grocery shopping on your own is a lot more difficult than going with your parents or siblings. Someone who is having trouble keeping up with their diet is probably asking how they're going to live a healthier lifestyle. A college blogger could answer these questions by providing tips and tricks on how to eat better in college:

  • Tips for cooking healthy meals – planning your shopping list, what to look for when buying groceries, cooking without a recipe…etc.
  • How to make salads even if you don't have all the ingredients
  • Clean eating as a lifestyle – eating clean doesn't necessarily mean you have to eat expensive and bland food.  There are actually some pretty affordable tasty recipes to try.
  • How to avoid the freshman 15
  • Healthy eating tips for college students

Student Budgeting Topics

College students are busy people, with lots of expenses and not enough money. It's important to stay on top of your finances so that you can avoid debt. The best way to save money as a student is to understand how you should spend it. As a student blogger, you can blog on topics such as:

  • Simple budgeting tips for college students
  • Budgeting planners for college students
  • Tips to save money in college
  • Financial literacy for college students
  • Improving your credit score as a student

Study Tips for College Students

Everyone knows that college students have a lot to do not just in terms of school but also with their social lives and part-time jobs.  Thus, it's important to know how to manage your time well so that you can get everything done.  These study tips could help students with this:

  • How to prioritize tasks when there is too much work
  • Tips for studying efficiently – time management strategies that will allow the student to finish all their schoolwork on time including studying without distractions, setting a schedule for homework and exams…etc.
  • How to avoid common college student procrastination
  • How to stay focused when studying