Engineering students tips

Memorizing basic equations

Physics is a subject where numerous forces in the universe and its relationship with others are described by means of equations. Few equations are found to be simple whereas many are complex. Tackling and using the simple as well as complex equations wherever necessary is quite difficult. The basic concepts in physics are very important from where complex equations can be derived. The equations are used in a number of places in many problems and hence it is advisable to memorize the equations so that they can be used in the right place instantly.

Good understanding of the basics

Central theories are the main aspects when physics is considered. The central theories are the ones from which other aspects develop. All the mathematical problems which need to be solved in physical would evolve from these central theories or with a slight variation from those theories. It is hence good to avoid memorizing problems, understand the basic concepts and theories along with their principles and work out problems. It would be suggested to develop mind map so that you can have an overview of the basic physical concepts and understand the subject easier.

Manage your stress

Students who don’t manage their stress well are more likely to experience performance anxiety and get worse grades. To manage your stress levels:

  • Perform deep breathing exercises
  • Listen to music
  • Spend time with friends on a regular basis
  • Exercise
  • Read a book
  • Keep a gratitude journal
  • Take a few minutes to reflect at the end of each day