Engineering students tips

Start and complete early

Physics is a subject which should be learned in a gradual manner so that concepts and theories are understood well. In that manner, the student must make a proper schedule daily to cover up all topics with complete revision. Apart from learning other subjects, physics must also be learned every day with a stipulated time. Students should remember not to gather up all the topics and rush at the end during exam time. That will only result in confusion, fewer marks and an unclear understanding of the concepts. Hence starting to study early and completing early will be helpful.

Enrolling for crash courses

Crash courses are private institutions where they teach physics in a short period of time. They are fast and effective and cover-up topics very quickly. Students can enroll in such tutorials and get to learn physics fast and effective manner. These people post a schedule and work according to it and complete the portion.

More of practice

Unlike other subjects physics requires good practice in order to learn fast and understand fully. Students can practice all the examples, problems at the end of the session. There are a number of sites that offer online test and mock test for physics. These are the best solution to analyze and test your understanding in the subject. Participation and writing these test can help you face exam related problems and other physics theories. There are many sites where students just need to register and participate in the tests.

Other sources to help

In order to study fast and effective, it is good to follow everyday syllabus at school. Completing the chapter covered each day and revision of the same at home is one way to complete each unit. Seeking help from teachers, friends in the form of group study, tutors and third-party sources such as online videos, books, educational sites are few ways which help you study and understand the concept well.

Fun stuff videos

For people who find the subject tiring and exhausted can try fun stuff videos available. These videos have pictorial representation which is funny but explains theories and concept. This is an interesting way for students to get to know the concepts. For example, super Mario physics, Britney Spears guide to semiconductors and interactive physics simulations.

Importance of Revision

As the syllabus is vast, many aspirants study all the topics but do not revise them regularly. Keep in mind your brain is a volatile memory like RAM, which means that it requires power (in your case, its revision) to maintain the stored information. It retains its contents while powered on, but the stored data is lost when the power is interrupted (when you don’t revise topics). Read More: List of NCERT Books for IAS Preparation


Listening to awesome physics podcast is yet another way by which you can learn fast. There are dozen free audios available and obtaining them online and utilizing them can help students in better understanding.

Making use of apps

With the rapid advancement in technology, the educational field is well-benefitted in a number of ways. So, with the development of a number of apps, physics also has a number of apps which is beneficial for students. These apps are extraordinary as they teach the subject with theory, formulas, and principles. They also assist in problem-solving and also provide solutions to a number of problems. Ones who prepare for competitive exams can make use of these apps.

Other sources

It can be a habit for students to learn and practice problems from their assigned syllabus. In order to score well, the student should not only stick to school syllabus and work out assigned problems. They can get one step ahead and start solving problems which aren’t assigned and not in the syllabus. There are a number of sources online which helps in practicing problems. Other problems in other books and online sites can be the best way to practice problems.

Solve practice problems

Similar to math, programming and other subjects, solving problems in physics is a skill. For the same, it is important for students to practice physics problems often. When students solve a number of practice and example problems, they become expert problem solvers. Apart from preparation for exams, solving problems also help you gain clear knowledge about the concept.