Top 10 Elite dangerous tips

If your station UI (mission board or similar) freezes...

Open the right panel (Status Panel) and open the Engineers window. This always closes any open panels when it opens.Hopefully this tip saves time for people who would re-log to get around the issue.

How to effectively gather mats for The Dwellers's Grade 5 Charge Enhanced Power Distributor upgrade.

Pound sand because every Exquisite Focus Crystal in the galaxy is being horded by the Imperial royal family for their chandelier collections.Give up and go for G4.

If you're anywhere near Lave, keep an eye out for a cloud of spent dumbfires, CMDRs StefanDefqon1, itchynipples and cockstrangla. If any of these things are present, drop to solo to dock and undock.

There's a handful of people that spend their time camping stations with dumbfires, killing anybody who tries to land. You can't stop them, because they'll drop to solo whenever they're running low on supplies. I have no problem with random player killing, but abusing the station mechanics and the clearly overpowered-as-shit dumbfire damage is cheap as fuck. I'd like these people to leave, or at least quit the low-effort tactics, and I'm betting if everybody simply avoids them for a day or two they will. Am I missing any names?

Disable GUI effects.

In the graphics options, there's an item labeled "Disable GUI effects". Try turning it on (disabling the effects). This gets rid of the neat-looking static / distortion effect that happens whenever an UI panel is built. Neat-looking, but gets old quickly.Helps TREMENDOUSLY when playing. The GUI panels get drawn instantly now, smooth as butter. You don't need to wait. With the GUI effects on, each panel takes a full second to get drawn.I figured some people might not have realized that option was there (or what it actually did). Give it a try, see if you like it! I could never go back to having the GUI effects enabled. I find they are way too jarring.EDIT: here's a quick video capture to show the difference. First half of the video is with GUI effects enabled, second half is with effects disabled. Just uploaded it, might be low-res for the next few minutes while Youtube does its thing.

Dont fall asleep in the cockpit.

While watching a station slowly spin, in enemy space, active in powerplay, hostile with every other faction. I fell asleep and woke up to a 20 million rebuy :D How stupid.

Set filters in the navigation tab to all but asteroid belts, it makes exploring systems easier as you don't have to open the system map to make sure you won't select an asteroid belt.

Mail slot alignment coming out of jump.

It only took me a month to figure this out on my own, I'm sure the veterans already know this trick. For those that don't know..Sick and tired of trying to find the mail slot? Rule of thumb is the station (mail slot) faces whatever body it is orbiting. Approach the station from planet side, dropping in between them with the planet on your six. You'll drop out of your jump already aligned with the mail slot. O7 Fly Safe

Keep booze in your hold to offer pirates as an alternative to your booty.

It's saved my ~~ass~~ booty at least three times in Hel.