Top 10 Educational tips

Improve your mood by turning your phone or computer to grayscale so you can't see the red.

I've found that in times like these it helps a lot to stay on top of your emotions, particularly depression from thinking about all of the money you've lost. All of the monitoring apps riddled with red is a big trigger for this. I've noticed a significant improvement in my mood towards the downturn from simply turning my devices to grayscale. It also wards off the urge to give up and sell everything. Almost any device can be set to grayscale, typically through the accessibility options. I recommend trying it out for a few days, if it really annoys you, then turn it back.This also makes devices less addictive, now that they are lacking all of the pretty colors. It can help take your phone off of your mind, keeping your eyes on the screen less, which I'm sure most of us would benefit from.