Top 10 Education tips

Learning Mom's Phone #.

My kindergartener was super resistant to learning my phone number. She didn't think it was important, and we'll, if it's not her idea she's not keen to do it- whatever it is. It's obviously important that she is able to call me in an emergency and it's a kindergarten expectation to be able to recite your phone number. After singing the number and repeating it over and over (for weeks) she still wasn't getting it. So I pulled an asshole mom move. I set my phone number to be the password to get into her tablet. Guess how long it took her to memorize it? Less than 1 day. HOURS. I honestly feel stupid that I didn't do that a year ago, and I will be locking my 3yo's tablet shortly. That's a long sequence for a 3yo to remember, but she can always ask her sister for help. TLDR; Lock your kids' tablet with your phone number and they'll memorize it so flippin' quickly.