Eat cheap and healthy tips

Buy & Eat healthy Food Budget

If people say, you have to give more money to stay healthy don’t listen to them there are so many foods which are not expensive and will keep you healthy and fit. You can eat that food every day, make your body fit. For example- Jaggery, gram, green mung beans, cucumber juice, some cheap dry fruits, mixed sprouts, gram green beans sprouts. This food has the energy to give you new life you don’t need to buy all these from any big malls. You can get all these from any local store. These all are living foods.

Exercise & Do Yoga

At home you will find all cures to your problems if you will search, usually, we don’t search most people satisfy after giving money to many places and they think they will get the best result but No! Rise early in the morning at least 5 am or 6 am. Do meditation, take a deep breath, focus your mind it’s not a difficult thing believe me only you can make yourself insist on this. Then do exercise, move your body left, right, up, down do this. You will feel like you don’t need anything more.

Eat & Cook with Love

All of you want to eat outside which is even tempting and dishes scrumptious for always but we forget that will harm our body and health. So cook at home and eat your own made food. Therefore you save your money and will be healthy.

You should have 30 Day list

If you are gaga to buy something that is not necessary then do make 30 days list. Buy all your necessary things, therefore, you save the money then buy the thing that you want. Try to save here.

Home Sweet Home

Why you waste your money in expensive restaurants oh! that’s called money wastage. Stay home and eat healthily. It’s not an easy thing standing on-road and not being tempted but we should control ourselves. These are the doors where money slides very easily.

Grow  your vegetables

Cooking your meals using vegetables you’ve bought is healthy, and cooking your meals using vegetables you’ve grown yourself is even healthier. Furthermore, growing your vegetables helps you save money as you won’t have to spend money on veggies.

Don’t over serve-food

The idea behind eating home-cooked meals instead of eating out is to save. If most of the food that you cook at home keeps ending up in the trash can, then all your time and effort will be for nothing. The best thing to do is to serve just enough portions of food to ensure that no food will be wasted. Using small-sized plates can help you to keep serving sizes in check.

Use leftover food

Unlike in restaurants where you can’t make good use of leftover food, eating from home lets you keep your leftover food and eat it later without any fear. Whenever you have leftover food, be sure to label it, so you can keep track of how long it will stay in your freezer or fridge. You can then use the leftover food to create other dishes. This will not only help to minimize food prep time, but it will also help you to minimize food wastage.

Prepare meals in advance

It’s easier and economical to prepare identical meals in large quantities at once compared to preparing the same meal individually a bunch of times. It becomes easier to prepare meals using your air fryers in advance because you can easily reheat the food later on when you need them. It becomes cheaper to prepare large quantities of meals at once because you can buy ingredients in bulk.

Only buy what you need

You don’t want to spend your money on food items that you already have at home. Before heading to the grocery store or ordering groceries online, make sure to check your fridge, freezer, or pantry to see what you already have on hand. You may be surprised that you have not used the food items you have even once. Therefore, it’s best to take inventory so that you can only buy those items that you need and don’t have. Another way to shop smart is only to buy enough for the week. The last thing you want is to buy too much of something, only to end up with an almost full container of something that you didn’t love. Also, be sure to check the expiry date to ensure that your food items will not go bad.