Eat cheap and healthy tips

Weight prepackaged food

Seriously. Do this. Even if you feel silly, do this. I regularly find “5lb” bags that are between 3 and 6 pounds. Make sure you’re not losing money, and you might even get a little extra for the same cost!


This platform needs a creative mind. If you canto entertains then you can open your channel, therefore, start to earn here. Make videos like if you can sing well then make your videos and upload them on YouTube. If you will get Views and reach more than a thousand you can earn here easily.

Be a Tutor

You can be a primary or secondary teacher at home. You can open Institute at home all it needs a board to inform students more students will come. Also, need a good space at home to teach.

Catering Services

Good at cooking, can make scrumptious foods and dishes at home then use this talent start your catering services make foods from home and deliver them to needies. If your food will be loved by so many then possibility many big companies can also give you opportunity even the government department also needs these kinds of people.

App Developer

Are you good at programming? Then why don’t you develop an app for example- develop an app for an educational purpose upload all study materials if any competitive exam like UPSC, SSC, Banking lot of students hunts this kind of app in play store you can earn and help them.

Paid survey

Moreover, people don’t take interest in these but the paid survey is the easiest way to earn money online. You can search on google, you will find many websites which gives money for participating in surveys. For example- Swagbucks, Lifepoints.

Chegg Subject Expert

Chegg India is a site which recruits Subject expert. You can choose the subject which you think you can answer the question asked by students. All you just need to sign up, do complete all steps and you can make money at home just by answering the question of your subject. Therefore you can earn a handsome amount of money through Chegg India. So why don’t you give it a try? Sign up as a subject expert today!

Don’t go for the weekend

However, you may not follow this step but go for a weekend are not suitable always your mind will say moving out from place to place make me calm! These are perceptions you can stay calm everywhere if you train your brain to be. Staying at big hotels, travelling, foods and many more things you have to invest in here that’s y don’t go for weekends always.

Emergency Fund

It is essential to have a backup. And for this purpose, we all should keep the money for a situation like this. If you have an emergency fund it will help you in your critical phases. Since you’ll already have enough cash saved. You can deal with that situation.


It’s an obscure system. Now, but many people take your service or goods instead of money. If you know anyone or if you have friends then exchange the things trust me you will find a peace of satisfaction.