Eat cheap and healthy tips

Book Stopovers

A stopover will give you more time to experience a country without changing any of your cost. Look for cities that offer free, or cheap, stopovers for certain amounts of time. This is like having a connecting flight but instead of 90 minutes you can have a day or two and can see more of the city you’re in. A few cities great for doing stopovers are:

  • Tokyo
  • Hong Kong
  • Fiji
  • Amsterdam
  • Seoul

Don’t Think You Have To Fly Everywhere

You’ll need flights to get to certain destinations but once you get there to make use of overland travel as this is a great way to save money and also see more of the country. Europe has a great rail network and you can buy a Eurorail train pass to again see as much as possible but keep travel costs down. Don’t forget about the buses as they will be available everywhere. Greyhound will always be an option but in places like Australia you’ll have the “hop-on-hop-off” buses like “Oz Experience“. These allow you to stay on the same ticket but spend more time in places that catch your fancy. New Zealand also has its great “Kiwi Experience” buses.

Book An Around The World Ticket

This will be your best value and a great way to see as much as possible. An Around The World ticket will take you from one city through multiple others of your choice and bring you back around to the start. You will get a discounted fare compared to booking all these flights separately. There are a few things to keep in mind when considering this type of ticket; the prices are determined by the miles so the more countries you see the more miles you travel and the higher the cost of the ticket. Don’t think you need to see as much as you can all at once so limit your destinations to not only save money but to get as much quality time in the countries you go to.

Travel During The Right Time Of Year

You’ll want to avoid peak travel seasons – especially around the holidays – if you’re looking for the ways to travel the world cheap. This “high season” is June, July, August, and Dec-15 to Jan-10. The slower, and cheaper, time to travel will be from January 1oth to around the end of March so keep that in mind if you’re looking to travel.

Plan Your Travels Around Cheaper Countries

If you’re spending long stretches of time in places like Paris, London, Sydney, New York, etc the costs of these places will add up quickly. Countries like Canada and the U.K can also be expensive throughout them so to travel the world for cheap you want to include countries where your money will go further. Not only are these countries less expensive, but they are also ones you definitely want to explore. Some of the best, and cheapest will include:

  • Mexico
  • Indonesia
  • India
  • Columbia
  • Cuba
  • Bulgaria
  • Turkey

Join Travel Rewards Programs

This is one of the best ways to travel the world cheap, and sometimes for free. If you’re using a credit card for monthly purchases, you need to get one that gives you air miles for rewards. There are various cards depending on how much you will spend each month that can help you build up a lot. Most cards come with a sign-up bonus of enough miles to at least get you a free domestic flight and you can combine miles from multiple cards. Collect miles and look for promotions that offer the most bonus ones and you can to really cut down on air travel costs.

Sign Up For Airfare Notification Sites

There are people who scour the internet daily to find the best deals on flights. They do all the legwork and pass them on to you. It’s a great idea to sign up for some of these so you get instant updates when cheap deals come up. is great and also Skyscanner. If you don’t mind going last minute, you can find amazing deals on sites like this.

Hit the farmers market

It doesn’t get any more “farm fresh” than your local farmers market—the best place to shop for whole foods. Typically you’ll find organic and heirloom produce harvested at the peak of their flavor and nutrition, and hormone-free meat, dairy, and eggs—directly from growers and producers. Shopping straight from the source saves money and supports small family farms. Now that’s sustainability all around.

Looks for deals on meat

Find the untrimmed brisket at your local grocer and have them grind it for ground round. My grocer sells brisket for around $1.75/lb – this is much better than the $3-5/lb that ground round sells for. Brisket also has the proper balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids… plus, the taste is so rich that you’ll never go back to regular ground round. I make meatloaf, hamburgers, chili, taco meat… pretty much everything with brisket. It’s amazing. I bought one pound of ground round for a dish I wanted to make when the grocer was out of briskets… it was terrible and we threw it away. So I guess what I’m saying is, go get a brisket! Also, be sure to buy whole meats, not deli meats or overly processed meat. They are way more expensive for what you get, and they are loaded with filler.

Buy nutrient dense veggies

When you’re trying to eat well, most of your money goes to produce. Learn what veggies sell for the least amount per pound and plan your menu around those things. For example: One head of organic red cabbage costs me about $2.50. I can chop that one head of cabbage up, along with one yellow onion, and sauté it in butter for a delicious side dish that yields 10 servings. Compare that with one head of organic iceberg lettuce for $3.25 and you see my point.