Top 10 Dyinglight tips

Fast Travel" Near Almost Anywhere.

Pick any mission or quarantine zone as your tracked objective, exit to the main menu, and then continue your game.It should have put you at the closest safe area to your objective point or, in the case of some quarantine zones, just inside the selected QZ. Zone out if necessary and profit.PS. Not sure if this is widely known.

Force save.

The game will save whenever you switch your game mode from single player to any other online option.I hope this helps some people because I know I had some past frustration trying to get the game to trigger a save when I wanted to just end my session.

Always close doors behind you if you can when going into a new area for a mission.

Because when you open the door and cross that invisible line the developers have put there, they sometimes spawn Virals behind you. For example, I just explored a school. And when I opened a door with some keys I found, sure enough 2 red arrows appeared behind me. I quickly went in and closed the door and they were out of luck zombies!Also I went into the school at 9pm, so since I finished the I wait 'til 7am before I leave! hah

Insane surviver points(1,2mil/hour) and Legend points(18 mil/hour).

Do the tunnel bridge quarantine zone on normal. Grab the first 3 air drops then quit game-> continue. You will spawn outside and you can run it again.I was capable of getting 2-2.5 airdrops per min(Using the improved grappling hook you get from survivor level 24). This will give (give or take a few) about 18 mil xp per hour...Also works for survivor points with the pakages giving 10k xp and will yield (w/o empovered grappling hook) around 1-1.3mil survival points per hourI might make a video of thisEdit: video is up!

How to Kill "Rebards" (the rebar-carrying mammoths).

Luckily I figured this out out on my second Rebard, figured I'd share it with you.I unlocked the ability that allows you throw weapons as early as I could. Throw the rebar at the Rebard (you'll need to have killed one already, obviously.) One hit kill every time. Makes them a cinch.TLDR; throw rebar at Rebards and watch them die instantly.

How to kill Holler [The Following].

Any toxic weapon does incredible amounts of damage. Toxic bolts with a crossbow will kill him in 20-30 shots. I figured this out when I spent almost half of my Arsenal and guns making a tiny dent in his health bar. Toxic bolts will also installed kill demolishers *

Ignore lvl12 warning and play TF with a new character. very exhiliriarating.

Ignore the minimum lvl 12 warning, start a new main campaign, then use that new character on TF. 15 minutes in I am being chased by 4 runners across the country side trying to find a safe spot. Not having any special ability and no good weapon and no faster climbing. Does not get more exhilirating than this.