Top 10 Dressattire tips

When trying on dresses, *take video* (as well as pictures).

So it may seem obvious to some, but it did not occur to me at all during my first dress appointment to take video when trying on dresses. At my second appointment, one of my bridesmaids was tasked with taking photos and at the end sent me a large email file with a zillion photos AND video of me in each dress. Seeing how the dress moved as I moved/changed in light MAKES SUCH A DIFFERENCE!! I am so grateful to her for thinking to do it.

Look at a picture of the dress on the model!.

I just wanted to share this tip because I hope to spare someone of the experience I had! I tried my dress on in the store, it has a high up illusion neckline with lace on the edges that were sitting at the edges of my shoulders. I loved the “off the shoulder” look of it. When my actual dress came in, since it was a smaller size than what I tried on in the store, the lace sits in a totally different spot and I liked it better before!Fortunately I still like the dress so I am going with it, but I do wish I knew before I bought it! So the moral of the story is, look at your dress on the model (find a picture from the designers website) to see how they intend for it to fit. It’ll help you get a better picture of what the dress will look like when it fits you!