Top 10 Dontstarve tips

Getting instant 40 manure from (were)pigs.

For this, you'll need 40 petals and 4 monster meat. Now, what you want to do is lure one pig away from his village. Put the 40 petals on the ground, and feed him 4 pieces of monster meat. He'll now begin to turn into a werepig, make some distance from him. He'll see the petals on the ground and he'll start eating them, one by one, while producing one piece of manure for each petal consumed. Once he's done, kite him and collect the manure.

Leave some flint on the island you find your Touchstone.

So I was just killed after getting insanely unlucky and not being able to get a venomgland drop, so I died to posion. This resulted in me getting sent to the Touchstone I had forgotten about that was on a small island. Problem is I had picken up all the flint on the island before and left, so now I have no way to get any logs to make a raft and am now stuck on the island.Edit: Killed one of the monkey's on the island in a desperate attempt to reclaim this world. He ended up dropping flint, so now I can cut down some trees!

See the unreachable meat? Use it to trap hounds.

Use a one-man band instead of a plan flute or killing the shopkeeper to steal.

You can use a one man band to get shopkeepers outside of their shop. Equip the OMB inside the shop then leave. When you're outside of the shop unequip it and wait about 10 seconds before you enter the shop again or else the shopkeeper will teleport in when you enter. Using this method is a lot cheaper than a pan flute because the OMB is relatively cheap to craft and buying one only costs 40 oincs.

Don't open the fridge box if you find it in the middle of nowhere.

Just don't

Placing flowers near a poisonous hole is an effortless way to farm wings & butter.

I got 3 butter in a single day from 2 flowers, for some reason sometimes the butterflies spawn immediately after death, 2 wings dropped within the span of 5 seconds. Really OP strat though, I just use a pitchfork on the marsh around the hole so no flups respawn, and at that point it's easy mode.