Top 10 Discordapp tips

Adding Emojis To Your VoIP Chat Names.

Hey all,I've been doing this for a while on my servers and haven't seen anyone post about it so I figure'd I would share it here. You are able to add a little more flair to your Discord server by adding emojis to your VoIP room names, for example like thisTo do it simply find the emoji you want on, copy the version in the "Native" column, and paste it into the channel name. I recommend adding a space between the emoji and the channel name so that its not squished.Cheers!

Pressing the Escape key will bring you to the bottom the text channel you're currently in. No more scrolling!

Hold alt and click on a message to manually place the "new messages" indicator.

Use Ctrl # to swap between servers

Please remove auto-reconnection failure sound.

If my internet drops for some reason and I have discord open I have to sit and listen to this sound every 10 seconds, PLEASE only make noise whenever you RECONNECT or DISCONNECT. Not when the reconnction attempt fails every 10 seconds...