Top 10 Detail craft tips

Don’t focus on the sales

Sure, we are all here to make money, but try not to focus on the sales. Focus instead on having fun, meeting new people and learning from the experience. One thing mentioned by Dianna in the Heart Hook Home Crochet Community really struck me: having a booth at a craft fair is a lot like going hunting or fishing. You spend money on supplies (entry fees) and you spend all day trying to catch a buck (or make a buck). Even if you come home empty handed, you have gained knowledge, experience and you’ll be more prepared going in next time.  What a great reminder! What do you do differently at a craft fair, if anything? Do you have any tips I missed? Let us know in the comments so we too can leave our next craft fair feeling like a boss!

Weaving, Knitting, and Crochet Business

Weaving, knitting, and crochet take a bit of education and practice, if you are not familiar with any of them. However, if you are good, the opportunity for a lucrative craft business is huge. Products include hats, socks, mittens, blankets, sweaters, kid’s sweaters, stuffed animals, and more. Hand woven and hand knit products often sell for a high price at craft fairs and boutique stores.

Packaging, packaging, packaging!

Spending a little bit of money to offer quality packaging goes a long way in the professionalism of your brand. The packaging does not have to be expensive to be effective. These merchandise bags would suffice, and just between you and me, Hobby Lobby has the best value on tissue paper (yes, even better than the Dollar store). Also provide care instructions, printed out on regular paper and cut to size (and be sure to include your business name for marketing purposes). Photo thanks to Christine! (love that floor pouf)

Paper Crafts Business

Paper crafts are crafts made with paper. You can create handmade greeting cards, hand bound books, bookmarks, paper ornaments and more. If you love working with paper, a paper crafts business might be right for you.

Set the spawn point

If your home isn’t anywhere near where you are exploring – spawning back at your home will be bad choice. You will have to travel again to get to the same point. But, as a secret Minecraft trick – you can make a bed if you want to quickly set a spawn point anywhere you want. You just need to have 3 wool and 3 planks – and you will have your bed ready. In addition to the bed, you have to sleep on it for a night – and then that point will become one of your spawn points.

Painting Business

If you are a painter, or love painting, consider turning your art into a craft business. Whatever you can paint on you can sell. Think furniture, ornaments, wall art, and more.

Craft a Torch and a Door

These two don’t really have a necessity to be crafted but having them helps a lot to improve and smoothen your shelter. To craft a Torch, mine coal (minimum 1) and a stick. Fuse them together in the crafting table to make a torch. This will help you to see in dark places while you’re mining or inside your shelter to lighten it up In order to craft a Door, take 6 wooden planks and fuse them column-wise in the crafting table, this will remove the problem of breaking your shelter’s wall every day.

Have a mannequin, props

I bought my mannequin Catherine, (named after the second beheaded wife of Henry VIII) to use as a photo prop for my crochet patterns listed here on Heart Hook Home. She’s pretty (albeit a little shy) and she’s got a great sense of humor. She was also one of the least expensive and best looking mannequins I found online. I am a deal hunter at heart, and Catherine and me are BFF’s now. You might also have several heads for display if you’ve got the space.  Here’s a decently priced head. Ha!

Collect sand without Shovel

This is an experimental tip for Minecraft – which can be a bit tough to follow. Instead of using a shovel to collect sand, you can use a torch. Of course, a shovel is necessary – however, if you want to keep it intact and not decrease its durability, you have to explore alternatives. To do this, you just have to remove the bottom block of any pillar-like structure and while they do this – keep the torch ready. Once done, place the torch on the floor of the block. Now, the block above will convert to sand. Do note that you don’t have to rush – or else you might end up with a broken torch. Also Read: 1800+ Cool Minecraft Usernames and Minecraft Name Ideas

Pottery Business

If you are not a potter, there is a bit of a learning curve here. However, a pottery business can be another lucrative business idea. Most potters create beautiful works of art that are also functional. Mugs, bowls, and plates are items people use on a daily basis. Ornaments and jewelry are two other ideas as well.