Top 10 Detail craft tips

Sewing Business

If you know how to sew, you can make money with your craft. The ideas here are endless. You can create and sell your own patterns, work as a seamstress, or sell your own sewn goods. Some popular items are pillow covers, clothing, quilts, pot holders, and handbags.

Zombie-proof Ready

I don’t have to mention it – but we gamers are born ready to handle a zombie apocalypse. However, when it comes to Minecraft – it is a bit different. You may have a home – but is it Zombie-proof? A good option will be to make an iron door – but you don’t need to do that necessarily. You can utilize a simple door and still keep away zombies from entering your house. You can place a block in front of the door (or behind it) which will stop zombies from getting inside. In either case, you can also put a lava trap or something similar which will be the next thing zombies will encounter after breaking in the door. Or, you can place sandbags as traps to fall down when the door breaks – which will again prevent zombies from entering.

Don’t oversell yourself

Be available but not pushy. My main craft will always be crochet, so I am sure to bring my yarn and my hooks and I crochet as I stand at my booth. (I try not to sit as it may come off as me being bored) This allows me to be present and available for questions, but in a way that doesn’t feel overly in-your-face to the shopper. Plus, I’m creating more product! Alternatively, engaging with your customers is key. When I shop I want to be left alone, but I also want to know that should I have any questions (can you make this in a different color? etc) that the vendor is accessible. When I am on the other side of the table however, my approach is different. Definitely make eye contact, smile and say hello, read the person’s reaction. Their body language will tell you if they wish to engage in further conversation or simply shop.


If you have someone with you at the table (your older children, a friend etc) make sure they have, in the very least, basic answers to any questions that may arise. Color choices, care instructions, different sizes etc. This way if you step away for a restroom break (which you should try to do at off-times) they will have those answers. Not craft related, but my latest fair, a financial health fair at a credit union in Wichita, Kansas.

No Compass? No problem

You do not need a compass to know the direction. It helps – but in the worst-case scenario, you should know the trick to figure out the direction you are going in – or else you may get lost in the way. If you are on the Java Edition, you can get to know the directions by simply hitting the F3 button and check the directions on the debug screen. If that is not the case, the crack on a block when you hit it will give you a reference. When hit a block to mine, you will observe a crack. Hit alteast two of any blocks. There should be three cracks in that – one straight up, second to the right, and the third to straight down. If you find the same pattern for multiple blocks there – the straight line points to the North direction. Accordingly, you can guess the other directions.

What to sell?

Think small (ish) and think ahead! What kinds of things will people be needing in the next few months? In October, the best items would be Thanksgiving or Christmas related, whereas in March you might want to stock your table full of items pertaining to Easter, spring cleaning/useful things and perhaps even some items geared towards the 4th of July. You also want to have a wide array of items, including unique items you can’t just find at Walmart. Keep much of it simple and trendy. Many times the smaller items, like the Aldi Quarter Keepers, dishcloth sets, chapstick keychains, mini-blind cleaners, sell better than scarves and blankets simply because it’s an impulse buy at just a few bucks – and those sales add up! Don’t forget that if they buy something small now with your business card attached, when they need something large like a blanket or a poncho etc, they’ll remember you (and be able to contact you)!

Peace – White Flag?

Do you want to just explore Minecraft? Don’t want zombies to attack you? Can you wave a white flag to make peace? Unfortunately, no. But, you can do it – by changing the difficulty to “Peaceful”. So, no one will bother you. You can peacefully explore the beautiful world.

Wear your items, if possible

Do you have a selection of super cute hats for sale? Wear one! If not possible, or if you just have too many different items to wear without looking like a walking pegboard, try to display the items in the manner they would best be worn/used. A shawl just laying on the table won’t get nearly as much action as it would if it were aesthetically displayed on Catherine (a.k.a. my mannequin).

Jewelry Business

If you love jewelry and working on a small scale, a jewelry business might be for you. There are a ton of Jewelry Making Books available, and so many mediums that you can work in. You can try beading, paper clay, wood, buttons, recycled materials, and more. See my post Button Jewelry for more ideas.

Motion Sensor

When a mob comes around, you got to know about it. But, how would you do that? You can set planks which they will cross before they come to you. And, that will make noises (of walking). However, you need to raise the volume to the maximum limit in order to easily detect the movement of mobs in your vicinity.