Top 10 Detail craft tips

You know you can load your mat from either direction.

Yep! You can put the top of the mat or the bottom of the mat into your machine first when loading your project and it will cut the exact same way! This is especially helpful when the top area of your mat starts to lose it’s stickiness because you can simply flip it around to prolong the life. But if you use this hack…make sure you read through #14 which will really come in handy!

Obtaining Coal Without Mining

You know that you need to farm for a lot of things on Minecraft – be it resources or weapons of any kind. However, there’s a way to acquire coal without even mining for it. You just have to make a furnace and smelt some logs – and voila! You have coal with you. The only downside of this technique is that you will not be able to make coal blocks – but it is still a good Minecraft trick if you really want the coal.

To clean your Cricut blade, poke it in and out of a ball of aluminum foil.

This is perhaps one of my favorite and most useful hacks. You won’t believe the difference and how much more life you can get out of a blade when you do this regularly. It’s like maintaining your car or any other piece of equipment. I find especially after cutting things like glitter cardstock or adhesive vinyl, this trick does wonders to clean off any debris for a smoother next cut.

Flip around your cutting mat and mark the inch measurements for easier placement when loading upside down.

As I mentioned in hack #12, you can load your mat either top or bottom first. However, the only downside of that is that when you load it with the bottom first, it is harder to place materials in the correct position because it has cm measurements instead of inches. The solution? Use a sharpie and mark the inch measurements right on the mat for reference! Easy peasy!

Tweak the Game Setting for Brightness

Some do – and some don’t. And, it is worth mentioning that you do not need to light up a torch in the game to clearly see what’s going on. By default, the game has a moody brightness setting, so you just have to change it “Bright” for a better vision.

Spice up your designs with new fonts! Find a TON of free ones at

Just be careful if you are using them on products you are selling – you will need a commercial use license.


As a customer, I do not want to have to ask for a price. In fact most times I will not ask, instead I’ll just pass right on by. Don’t do that to your customers – or to yourself! Want an even better way to price your items? Use your business cards AS your price tags (but also have some available in that stack). Create a small hole to string through and attach to your items. Think of it this way: if someone likes your work enough to pay you for it, they automatically get a business card that they will later have to remove (and hopefully stash in their purse, wallet etc). To me this is better than just throwing the card in the bag that will then get thrown away.

Make An Emergency Shelter

When you’re exploring the world – you will also encounter danger coming your way. Maybe, it is dark out there. Or maybe you are just alone in a very bad place. What do you do when you see enemies coming to attack you then? Of course, unless you have the firepower to fight back. You can simply start digging three blocks down and then put a block above you to keep yourself safe. Well, this is the fastest and the most efficient way. If you have more time, you can make sure that you have a torch with you and enough space to place a bed or anything that you deem necessary.

Download Inkscape to create your own SVGs for free!

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Donate what doesn’t sell

You could save any unsold items for a future craft fair, or you could donate them to a worthwhile charity as well. If you do donate, make sure you get a receipt for tax purposes!