Detail craft tips

Pottery Business

If you are not a potter, there is a bit of a learning curve here. However, a pottery business can be another lucrative business idea. Most potters create beautiful works of art that are also functional. Mugs, bowls, and plates are items people use on a daily basis. Ornaments and jewelry are two other ideas as well.

Painting Business

If you are a painter, or love painting, consider turning your art into a craft business. Whatever you can paint on you can sell. Think furniture, ornaments, wall art, and more.

Paper Crafts Business

Paper crafts are crafts made with paper. You can create handmade greeting cards, hand bound books, bookmarks, paper ornaments and more. If you love working with paper, a paper crafts business might be right for you.

Weaving, Knitting, and Crochet Business

Weaving, knitting, and crochet take a bit of education and practice, if you are not familiar with any of them. However, if you are good, the opportunity for a lucrative craft business is huge. Products include hats, socks, mittens, blankets, sweaters, kid’s sweaters, stuffed animals, and more. Hand woven and hand knit products often sell for a high price at craft fairs and boutique stores.

Jewelry Business

If you love jewelry and working on a small scale, a jewelry business might be for you. There are a ton of Jewelry Making Books available, and so many mediums that you can work in. You can try beading, paper clay, wood, buttons, recycled materials, and more. See my post Button Jewelry for more ideas.

Sewing Business

If you know how to sew, you can make money with your craft. The ideas here are endless. You can create and sell your own patterns, work as a seamstress, or sell your own sewn goods. Some popular items are pillow covers, clothing, quilts, pot holders, and handbags.

Download Inkscape to create your own SVGs for free!

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Spice up your designs with new fonts! Find a TON of free ones at

Just be careful if you are using them on products you are selling – you will need a commercial use license.

Flip around your cutting mat and mark the inch measurements for easier placement when loading upside down.

As I mentioned in hack #12, you can load your mat either top or bottom first. However, the only downside of that is that when you load it with the bottom first, it is harder to place materials in the correct position because it has cm measurements instead of inches. The solution? Use a sharpie and mark the inch measurements right on the mat for reference! Easy peasy!

To clean your Cricut blade, poke it in and out of a ball of aluminum foil.

This is perhaps one of my favorite and most useful hacks. You won’t believe the difference and how much more life you can get out of a blade when you do this regularly. It’s like maintaining your car or any other piece of equipment. I find especially after cutting things like glitter cardstock or adhesive vinyl, this trick does wonders to clean off any debris for a smoother next cut.