Top 10 Depression tips

Good Enough Is Sometimes Good Enough

Don’t get bogged down in the minutia and cost yourself hours of needless work by re-reading an email 14 times before sending it. Read through it twice and hit send.

Opt For Free Entertainment

Every weekend doesn’t need to be filled with expensive outings.  Some budget-friendly options include hiking, bird watching, visiting the beach or lake, board games, and local festivals. Chances are, your friends are ALSO looking for fun things to do that don’t cost money. It’s a great way to take advantage of what your local community has to offer. Related: For free (or super cheap) date night ideas, check out this list.

Use the library

Many people do not know how much of a resource the local library is nowadays. You can borrow more than books at many locations, too! My local library actually lends out tools, sports equipment, and technology.

Make your own personal care products

I make a lot of my own cosmetics such as dry shampoo, lotions, creams, and face care. The cosmetic industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and you can save yourself so much by making your own instead of buying.

Get Out of the House

Sometimes we get so comfortable in our own home and space that we don’t want to leave the house. You’re not alone there, but getting out of the house is very good for your mental health.

Don’t waste food

It seems so simple, but food waste is one thing that adds up after a while in a grocery budget. Make only as much as your family or yourself will actually eat. If you have leftovers, have a plan for them so they don’t end up in the trash.

Decline Depressions Suggestions

As a psychotherapist, I often find myself encouraging people to follow their hearts, listen to their feelings and go with their gut instincts. That is unless they are depressed. This is because when we’re depressed, we’re not always in the best position to make wise decisions regarding our self-care. Of course, sometimes we can tell the difference between the voice of depression and our healthy self, but sometimes depression can drown out our wise inner knowing and be mistaken for the truth. When I was depressed, my voice of depression used to convince me to isolate, oversleep, binge eat, starve myself, zone out on TV, use mind-altering substances or just give up. I remember once when I was in a deep depression, I had plans to meet a friend for dinner and a movie. Well, I called to tell her that I had to cancel because I was really down and I probably wouldn’t be very good company anyway. Well, she encouraged me to show up and she told me that I could be exactly as I was. So despite my strong desire to isolate, I showed up and I actually ended up feeling uplifted and less depressed than before I went. I did the opposite of what my depression was telling me to do or, in this case, not to do. I learned that when I was depressed and thought I should isolate, I should do exactly the opposite and reach out to a friend. When my voice of depression wanted to watch TV all day, I had to push myself to take a walk, read, or listen to something inspirational. Back then it was self-help cassette tapes, today we have endless options with blogs, books, podcasts, and meditation apps like Insight Timer. Unfortunately and ironically, depression often zaps the energy and motivation we need to do the very things that will make us feel better. So learning to do the opposite of what your voice of depression suggests will help you begin to climb out of the pit. Read more: Explore what is meant to step outside of your comfort zone into a state of optimal anxiety.

Add water to your liquid soaps to stretch them.

My husband does this when the bottle gets about 1/3 of the way down. It stretches things quite a bit and you don’t even need that high of a concentration to get most jobs done, anyway.

Lifestyle Changes

A former competitive runner offers these tips on Quora:

“Vitamin therapy in which large doses of vitamin B is ingested regularly under the supervision of a doctor.”“Fairly vigorous exercise has been shown to release the same neurotransmitters as antidepressant medications.”“Reducing sugar intake and eating less processed foods including gluten.”“Meditation and deep breathing exercises.”

Finally, this Quora user shared another piece of valuable advice:

“Claims of depression cures are often used to see products that may be useless or only work for those who believe (because) a television personality or celebrity doctor says so.” 

Remember earlier how we advised you to check with your physician before you treat your symptoms? The same advice goes for listening to influencers or on-air personalities. Your family doctor knows your medical needs best and will serve as your best resource.

Plant a Vegetable Garden

A garden is not only a wonderful way to save money on produce, but it is a great way to spend time alone or with your family. If you have extra bounty from your garden, trade with a neighbor.