Top 10 Depression tips

Make Your Own Cleaning Products

Many homemade cleaners work just as well as storebought but cost a fraction. Diluting white vinegar in a spray bottle is a healthy produce wash and general cleaner. Considering that a bottle of eco-friendly store-bought cleaner can be over $5 a bottle, you can make MANY bottles of cleaner using a $1 gallon jug of white vinegar.

  • For bathroom tile, sprinkle baking soda and then spritz with the vinegar spray for some foaming action.
  • Keep the modern convenience of dishwasher tablets with an easy DIY recipe.
  • Making your own products can be expanded to outdoor use. This 3-ingredient cleaner is a natural way to kill weeds without all the potentially harmful chemicals.


Turn your trash into nutrient-rich dirt for your garden for an extra way to be less wasteful and use up everything. Just make sure you add the right things!


Meditation is a technique of quieting the mind and tuning in to our breath and body that is widely practiced across the world. And the reason for it’s popularity is that it actually works.

Use Everything Up

Don’t let anything go to waste. Use up every drop of toothpaste, makeup, salad dressings, and condiments. Cut packages open if necessary to get the last bits out of it. You may be surprised how much lotion or shampoo is still in that container.

Cut cable

We broke up with cable a couple of years ago and haven’t missed it at all. If you must watch something, choose a low price streaming service or even a free one. There are many places you can watch movies for free with just a few ad breaks.

Talk to Someone in HR

Talk to your supervisor or someone from HR about your concerns and struggles. Find out about your options and any assistance they may be able to offer.

Repurpose And Upcycle Items

Every person produces an estimated 4.4 lbs of solid waste EVERY DAY! Instead of tossing something away, it may be easily repurposed for something else. There are some very creative ideas out there and you’re limited only by your imagination.

  • Instead of buying new furniture, try to reupholster it yourself. Dining room chairs are an easy starter project with now sewing involved.
  • If you have a lot of t-shirts lying around, they could be cut into strips and made into a unique area rug. Thrift stores and flea markets are the perfect locations to find items that can be good as new with a little care.


That’s right. Shake a leg. Boogie. Do the twist. You get the idea. Here’s what one young man had to say about how dancing helped him:

“If ever in the life you danced like a drunk, you will come to know that dance is the best mental exercise.” And this young man may be onto something.

An article published in Psych Central confirms that dance can be an excellent tool for managing those familiar, uncomfortable symptoms. The paper notes that dancing might help boost both of the following chemical reactions in your body:

  • Endorphins, which increase feelings of pleasure and help you manage stress.
  • Dopamine, which sends messages to the “reward center” of your brain. The author, Abigail Keyes, M.A., explains why dancing can help you feel happier:
“Aerobic exercise elevates levels of both dopamine (the neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and reward) and euphoria-inducing endorphins.”

The author notes that as you master those new moves, you will also feel optimistic about the strides you make. The feeling of pride in mastery of technique also helps to stimulate dopamine. Thus, you will feel encouraged to continue.

Learn How to Make Simple Repairs

It has saved me lots of money and time over the years to learn how to repair stuff myself. From simple household repairs like changing the ‘guts’ in a toilet tank to changing your own oil, you can usually find a video for it on YouTube.

Cut your landline and/or downgrade your cell phone

Ask yourself if you really need a landline or all the data your cell phone plan includes. If you truly don’t need it, try it without and see how much you will save.