Depression tips

Layer up in the winter

Don’t crank up that heat. Instead, wear layers and make sure to wear socks to keep warm indoors.

Save for the things you want.

Rather than finance everything you want, save for them and pay in cash. Not only will you be more debt-free, but you will feel pride in doing so.

Don’t use credit

While building credit is important, don’t rely on it too much. Instead, pay for only what you can afford with cash or debit.

Look for Free Entertainment

The world is filled with free entertainment if you know where to look. Get free movies from the library and go to free community events such as concerts and festivals.

Don’t use shopping as entertainment or retail therapy

This is a hard habit to break, but it will break your bank if you don’t. Find other ways to spend your time that are free and consider donating time to volunteer work to feel good, instead.

Learn how to change the oil and make simple car repairs.

Taking care of your car will make it last longer. Keep driving your old car as long as it will go instead of buying or, even worse, leasing a new car.

Add water to your liquid soaps to stretch them.

My husband does this when the bottle gets about 1/3 of the way down. It stretches things quite a bit and you don’t even need that high of a concentration to get most jobs done, anyway.

Reheel old shoes.

The days of people always getting shoes repaired seems to almost be a lost practice, but if you are lucky enough to still have a cobbler in town, use it! It’s like getting a new pair, again.

Create your own accessories

Jewelry and accessories can be made with very little skill and they are one of a kind when you do it yourself. You can turn any outfit into a more dressy one with the right pieces.

Make your own home decor

I love to craft my own home decor. I often find stuff at thrift stores and do simple makeovers like adding my own coat of paint.