Depression tips

Lend and borrow from your neighbors.

This is something that may seem super obvious, but more and more people are forgetting to do just that these days. Make that connection again!

Look for freebies before buying.

Freecycle is an excellent resource as it is just locals giving away stuff and trading. Amazon Prime members get free books and free movies. Community centers sometimes have a tool loan program.

Use the library

Many people do not know how much of a resource the local library is nowadays. You can borrow more than books at many locations, too! My local library actually lends out tools, sports equipment, and technology.

Be happy with what you have

It’s really hard in this day and age to not want more. We have so many products, places and things we are always pressured to buy or go to. Consider what you already have before buying something else. Can you use something you already own for that problem? Do you really need it or are you feeling the pressure to keep up with others?

Get creative and make do with What You have.

This is another way of saying using everything up, however, one thing everyone did during this period of 1930’s frugality is to find other ways to use something rather than buy something for a problem. For instance, if you need places to store your bulk goods, start saving glass jars from packaging to use rather than buying mason jars for it.

Learn How to Make Simple Repairs

It has saved me lots of money and time over the years to learn how to repair stuff myself. From simple household repairs like changing the ‘guts’ in a toilet tank to changing your own oil, you can usually find a video for it on YouTube.

Use Everything Up

Don’t let anything go to waste. Use up every drop of toothpaste, makeup, salad dressings, and condiments. Cut packages open if necessary to get the last bits out of it. You may be surprised how much lotion or shampoo is still in that container.


Turn your trash into nutrient-rich dirt for your garden for an extra way to be less wasteful and use up everything. Just make sure you add the right things!


Did you know that most areas allow for some great free foraging for herbs, wild onions, mushrooms, and berries? Join some groups on Facebook to learn more about what’s available in your area for foraging and how to identify.

Buy classic clothing styles

Skip the latest fashion trends. Your clothes will look out of date in a year or less. When you must buy new clothing lean towards timeless styles that you can wear for years or even decades.