Depression tips

Grow your own herbs

This can be done even if you don’t have a yard. You can plant herbs in pots on a windowsill. This is a great way to garden in apartments. And since herbs are so expensive at the store this will allow you to save money while still creating flavorful dishes at home.

Plant fruit trees

If your yard allows for it, plant some fruit trees. Fruit trees are an excellent way to enjoy your own fresh fruit for eating, baking and cooking with. Once your trees are big, you can start canning the excess fruit. There are some trees that even do well in pots so they can be great for small spaces.

Raise Chickens

One day I want to have my own chickens as they are a great way to have eggs and pest control in gardens. You can even sell extra eggs if your hens are good layers.

Repair instead of replacing

Get in the habit of seeing if you can fix a broken item instead of replacing it. Learn to mend and sew and you will be able to make your clothing last for years and years.

Accept Hand Me Downs

While we often think of hand me down clothing going from the oldest child to younger kids, that is not the only form of hand me downs. As my oldest son went through a growth spurt in his teens, I took his old boots and my daughter raided his old sweatshirts. Maternity clothes can be passed from friend to friend. Old furniture is often available just for being willing to pick it up.

Repurpose glass jars

I use glass jars from baby food and pasta for so many things around my home. They are excellent for storing bulk spices in, nuts and bolts in the garage and even making my own lotions and using them for storage.

Save plastic containers and use them again

How many of our Grandmas had a butter container she used as food storage? Get in the habit of looking for ways to reuse the containers that come in your home instead of throwing them away.

Turn old clothes into cleaning rags

I will use any stained or unraveling towels as rags as well as T-shirts. The tees are great for dusting areas such as computer screens and TVs.

Buy reusable products instead of disposable

We have become such a throwaway society and this has made us less frugal and harder on the environment. Use rags instead of paper towels, cloth diapers instead of disposable and reusable water bottles instead of one-time use ones.

Buy Items Used

I try to buy as much as I can at thrift stores. There are so many usable things available at thrift store including furniture, clothing, appliances, dishes, toys, and even craft supplies.