Depression tips

If you feel yourself slipping into an episode and have long hair, braid it first!!.

Even a simple braid will prevent tangles, knots, and mats. It will save you a lot of pain and shame later when things get back to normal. It’s one less thing to worry about when you feel like shit. Have someone else do it for you if you can’t.

We are an unreliable narrator to our own stories”.

This quote helps me try to look at my thoughts from different perspectives My story is seen through dark depression lenses, so I know I’m an unreliable narrator for it

Deactivate your Facebook account during your birthday.

Or just deactivate it altogether

Don't get hammered whilst depressed.

Luckily I had invited some mates and my girlfriend over who're understanding about my condition. I don't want to think about what might've happened had they not been there. Had a bit too much and suffered a breakdown. My girlfriend took my penknife off me and put me to bed. She sat with me for a bit until I fell asleep.Stay safe around this time of year, friends. Alcohol can be a welcome escape, but when you're depressed and especially if you're on medication, please be careful. A rule of thumb is that you'll be able to drink a lot less than you'd be able to if you were healthy. Two or three beers and a shot was enough to wipe me out. I love you all. Stay strong.

I have never regretted taking a shower.

I think of all the effort it takes to undress, get the temperature just right, dry off, find new clothes, and fix my hair. All of that can seem like a very daunting task. But I never regret it afterwards. It’s the little things that help me through tough times.Stay strong

Plant a Vegetable Garden

A garden is not only a wonderful way to save money on produce, but it is a great way to spend time alone or with your family. If you have extra bounty from your garden, trade with a neighbor.

Make your own coffee.

You can make coffee at home so much cheaper than any drive-thru. Even if you buy all the special gadgets for it, it will pay off in not spending it at the coffee house very quickly. You can find Depression Era recipes in Clara’s Kitchen: Wisdom, Memories, and Recipes from the Great Depression

Pack your lunch.

Just like with breakfast, lunch can be another big budget breaker. I felt I was simply wasting money by not packing my own food. Make it the night before so it’s easy to grab in the morning and you won’t be tempted to skip it.

Eat breakfast at home.

I can’t tell you how much money I wasted going through the drive-thru for breakfast before work. That $5 adds up very quickly and most breakfast foods are so low cost so it doesn’t make sense. Boil some eggs and have them for taking with you along with some toast. I also love to make parfaits, overnight oats and waffle PB & J sandwiches for quick breakfasts on the go.

Stock your pantry and freezer

Keeping a well-stocked pantry and freezer is a way to help you stretch money, too. When you find a good buy, get more than you need right now and freeze it. Just be sure you don’t buy more than you can use before freezer burn comes in or you will be wasting it and your money, too.