Top 10 Deadcells tips

On 3-Boss-Cell runs, you cannot get one shot from 100% HP (assuming no curse); this means you can stack damage-taken multipliers on weapons and not take any additional damage (you'll go 100%-1HP regardless).

This is very useful when dealing with weapons that have the lifesteal modifier; you can run around on 100% with whatever weapons/skills you want to use, and as soon as you take a hit you can slowly regen it back up to 100% with the lifesteal weapon (conserving flask charges).

The Corpse biters that spawn from Mechanical Spiders don't count towards curses, but they can be lifestealed off of!.

Essentially turning Mechanical Spiders into heal bots.

If you restart the game during the death sequence then the game will set you back to where it last saved.

This can be very useful if you got 5 blueprints on one area and died, or went into a wrong area by force of habit.

You can see more vertically by resizing your window