Top 10 Deadcells tips

Promotes Beard growth

Most guys are finding it hard to grow beards, while others are facing hair loss problems. Magnesium deficiency is the culprit for all these things. The prolonged deficiency causes your hair not only to become dry but also brittle, allowing split ends – no man would want this. Almond oil is the solution to this predicament. The researchers reckon this product is the best for boosting hair growth, as well, stopping splits. Due to its high magnesium levels, Vitamin E, and biotin, almond oil suffices in preventing hair loss and strengthening your facial hair. The right nutrients in Almond oil are recommended for re-growing your lost beard.

Treats Dandruff

Apart from hair loss, some men are struggling with dandruff. Almond oil is known to treat beard dandruff, keeping them off from spoiling your beard. The oil has got anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties that fight against dead cells. Dry skin or beard can cause lots of problems in the human body, causing a slow beard growth rate. With its ingredients, sweet almond oil locks in enough moisture to ensure your beard is always soft. The moisture soothes the skin underneath your beard and hair roots to prevent some disorders like skin irritation.

Hydrates/Moisturize Your Beards

All carrier oils mixed with almond oil are rich in vitamin E and fatty acids. These are responsible for moisturizing our hair. Back to a beard, they amazingly penetrate the hair shaft, where all the minerals needed are imparted to keep your facial hair hydrated at all times. Besides, these fatty acids lock in moisture to your parched strands. Your beard can maintain moisture for a couple of weeks if instructions correctly adhere. This saves time, instead of re-moisturizing the facial hair every hour.

Strengthens hair strands

Yes, almond oil contains essential proteins that our hair loves. Alongside its exceptional moisturizing qualities, you’ll laud its ability to strengthen the hair strands layer—talk of the protein layer that withstands any susceptible damage. Consistent oil and other essential oils to your beard keep the layer stable to prevent any radical damage. Moreover, there’s collagen in it. Collagen brings down the thinning of the hair. What’s more, there are no cases of split ends, breakage, hair loss, and strand knots at all.

Packaging and storage

How almond oil is packaged can play an important role in its lifespan. Remember, almond oil features polyunsaturated fats; hence, it can go rancid faster. It’s not once that I’ve had many customers complaining about their products going bad. A product packaged with a glass bottle keeps your oil fresh. Avoid plastic bottles.

Prevents beard itch and rashes

Let’s face it, beard itch can be frustrating. Did you know that one of the causes of beard itch is dry skin? As a natural emollient, almond oil nourishes your skin – apply it as instructed on your skin underneath the beard. By so doing, you’ll be erasing any itchiness on your beard. Most times, bacteria are responsible for beard itches – so you’re allowed to add some drops of lemon juice to almonds if it’s available. Use it with other remedies as part of your beard care routine. Additionally, the hypoallergenic properties bestowed on this best oil make it perfect for soothing inflamed skin. It will work without causing allergic reactions whether to your face, beard, or body. In the process of moisturizing, it will deeply clean your facial hair to prevent and treat an itchy beard.

Other benefits

  • Helps in fighting acne
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Allows easier beard styling

Type of Production process

Extracting oil from almonds should follow the right process. Break down the ripe, dried seeds with a mechanical expeller – a process called cold-pressing. Neither heat nor chemical is used during this process so that the oil will retain all nutrients (unrefined oil) On the other hand, heat and chemicals are used during the production of refined oil. So, you’ll have the product  that doesn’t offer the most essential nutrients. Look for almond oil that undergoes a cold-processing process. Its performance on your beard is fantastic! In short, words, grab the cold-pressed, unrefined oil.


It will be a wise decision to go for sweet almond oil rather than bitter almond oil. Sweet Almond oil contains many minerals and vitamins that boost skin and beard health. The most common include; Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, omega-6 fatty acids, magnesium, and Zinc. All these play different roles in keeping your facial hair healthy, stronger, and shiny.


Customers should differentiate between real and counterfeit beard growth products. Forget that almond oil should be organic. Meaning, it must be certified as no-GMO and is made without any chemicals or anything that’s genetically modified.