Top 10 Dbz dokkan battle tips

Set Up Your Team Formations Properly During Battles

• When you participate in battle, it’s important to take advantage of your characters’ Link Skills. Link Skills come to fruition once you place the appropriate Z-Warriors in line. For instance, placing General Tao, Tien and Chiaotzu or even Saiyan fighters in the right formation will give them a stat boost. You can switch up your current character at any time and see if any Link Skills come up on the bottom row that displays each fighter’s turn.

The Basics Behind Moving Across The Board

• Once you make your way onto the board for a stage, you’ll encounter a bunch of different variables. You’ll always get a choice of three randomized numbers that stand for how many spaces you can move. When you spot a grey space, nothing happens. Red spaces with crosshairs deplete your HP. Question mark spaces will supply you with something random, good or bad. Blue spaces award you with capsules, Zeni (money) or more Ki for one of your characters. Red spaces signal that it’s time for a battle (the ones with a stop sign have to be beaten in order for you to progress). The spaces that feature Fortune Teller Baba lets you have an item for a price. Plus, you can gather Dragon Ball’s on any spaces that feature them.

Make Sure You Gather The Right Colored Orbs For Your Fighters

• Pay attention to the type of color/fighter-type affiliation that’s tied to any of your characters. That way, you’ll know just what orbs to collect on your way to attacking your enemies. Not only will a character gather double the Ki by doing this, that character will get a health regain. The higher the DEF stat is for that character, the more HP they’ll get back.

Defend Yourself With The Stronger Element Type Before Being Attacked

• Keep an eye on how each fighter will proceed according to their turn in the line formation. When you spot your enemy prepping to come at you, make sure you put the stronger character type in front of ’em. That way, you’ll get in an attack on the weaker character type. Once that enemy comes at you, you’ll be able to defend yourself and not take too much damage. For instance, a TEQ-based fighter placed in line before a AGL-based fighter is a good move to make.

Go Ahead and Aim for Ki Bursts

• When picking the Ki orbs needed to power up your fighter, you should always check to see if you can pull off Ki Bursts. Ki Bursts occur when you line up and absorb the same color type orbs in a long row. If you don’t spot a huge opportunity to do this but you spot those rainbow-colored spheres, make a habit of collecting those instead.

Get Real Familiar With The Character Types

• You may have noticed a color affiliation-type chart in the top right corner during battle. This mini-map lets you know what character types are strong and weak against other types. The formation goes Orange < Purple < Green < Blue < Red. So for example, an STR-type character is strong against a PSY-type character.

Try and Log-In Everyday

• It’s pretty easy to find yourself playing this awesome game on a daily basis. Logging in everyday helps in a great way since it grants you free gifts. When you end up on the main menu, just check to make sure if there’s a number notifier right by the gift icon. Click on that tab to collect all your newfound items, which may come in the form of healing items used during battle and so much more.

Always Be Aware of Those In-Game Events

• When you get to the main menu, pay close attention to the in-game event that’s currently running. If you make your way through these events successfully, you’ll end up unlocking even more powerful fighters. For instance, the game’s launch week event grants you a Rare Goku and Rare Gohan. Always try and complete events such as this one to unlock the best rewards.

The Basics Behind Awakening & Summoning Characters let players in on the basics behind the Awakening and Summoning mechanics:

You can use special Awakening Medals (found as item drops in various levels) to increase a fighter’s stats, regardless of their current level. It can be particularly useful if your fighter is at their level maximum and can’t get any stronger otherwise. Aside from simply getting a bunch of characters at once, there’s no real benefit to performing a single summon over a multi-summon. If you’ve got the Friend Points (or Dragon Stones for a rare summon) to do it, then you might as well do it. Who knows? You could even end up with a much stronger replacement fighter.

Be Sure to Make Friends wanted players to know that they should make a few online, co-op buddies to aid you in your journey:

Before every stage, you can opt to bring an ally player with you. You should always do this as it earns you friend points. After you beat the level, you can then send a friend request to the player you allied with. Playing with that player again after you become friends nets you even more friend points! Friend points are important as you can use them to use the Friend Point Summon, which is the only way to get new characters besides the Dragon Stone Summon.