Top 10 Darkestdungeon tips

Do not mix blindfire with unfortunate little waifs.

Shamblers can run out of good trinkets

Stunning a guarding enemy removes their guard effect.

Just saw this today and thought I'd share it.

The game rolls for Scouting only when you click the map.

So if you're running on low light to a room just before camping, if you stay on your inventory screen, camp, and then switch to the Map after you're done (at full light) it will roll the scouting check then, giving you a higher chance of a successful scout.

On Explore missions, you don't need to *clear* the rooms.

If it's the last room in a hallway, or the last room you need to explore, you don't have to fight whatever is in it - you can just run if it looks dicey. You just have to step inside for it to count as explored.I feel like this should have been obvious, but I didn't realize it until I finished a mission by running away, so I thought I'd share in case anyone else needed to know.

The arsonist's fire doesn't work on the shriekling nest

Use medicinal herbs to remove camping debuffs like battle trance.

I'm sure this is obvious to some people, but after 191 hours I just realized it literally right before facing the shuffling horror. You will keep the buff, but lose the debuff.Feel free to list any other camping skills this can be used on.

The map will show your quest locations.

So I was gathering holy relics, and i noticed that, one of the rooms, when i hovered over to it, said Quest Location. I couldn't believe it, three playthroughs and I never noticed this

Obliterate Masses into Obliterate Body.

When Wilbur marks your first two heroes with "End These Two" he sets up "Obliterate Masses" from the swine boss.If you shuffle one of these two heroes into position 3, the boss will instead use "Obliterate Body" on that hero that moved to 3.It seems (at least on boss level 1) that Obliterate Masses can only reach positions 1 and 2 and he will only hit marked targets.Anyone care to try this out on his level 2 and 3 forms?

Secret rooms count for scouting missions.

I was finishing a long scouting quest and even though I had explored all the normal rooms except 3 of them, the quest wasn't done yet. I thought they had changed the amount of rooms you needed, but after camping I got a scout wich revealed a secret room. When I entered it the quest was done.So yea I guess secret rooms count towards the number of total rooms and number of rooms explored.