Top 10 Daddit tips

Get your kid some "scooping" and "pouring" toys to play with in the tub. They really like playing with them, it's good for their hand eye co-ordination pouring one to the other. Importantly, they can be used to scoop out and pour the poop into the toilet when they shit in the tub!

If you never lift your feet off the ground, you'll never step on Legos.

Don't let your baby take a diaperless nap...

So my wife was getting ready for work this morning and decided to bring our little guy in the shower with her since he hadn't had a bath in a little while. When they got out, she nursed him, and he fell asleep in the nude... So she asked me to put him down and told me that it didn't matter whether or not he had a diaper on.About 30 minutes later I heard him wake up; usually he cries until someone comes and gets him, but sometimes he's content just playing around in the crib. After about 10 minutes I decided to pop my head in...**He had pooped, and was having the time of his life playing in it.**Luckily he was just mashing it around with his hands and didn't stick his hands in his mouth, but holy crap. That was a mess. First and last diaperless nap this guy will ever have.

If you need to work, the baby has no problem passing out on your arms while typing.

If you bring your baby to infant CPR class, don't accidentally dress her like the dummy.

When buying a new mattress, be sure to test how supportive it is when you lay right on the edge.

We were about to purchase a pocket sprung mattress which felt very comfortable and had great reviews. At the last minute I thought to test how it felt when laying right on the edge - where I usually end up when my daughter joins us halfway through the night, followed by my son in the morning.Woah! I nearly fell on the showroom floor. There was no edge support. We tried a few more and ended up with a traditional sprung mattress that was actually cheaper, but has been great whatever crazy tetris positions I get forced into.

Dealing with "But I'm not tired.".

Fine, lay down and be quiet for 20 minutes. I'll set a timer and come check on you. If you are still not asleep, you can read for a little while."90% (or more) of the time, they are out when you come back. If not, let them read for 10-20 minutes, then give them lights out. This has reduced fighting about lights out to practically zero in my house.I got the idea while reading the book "The Promise of Sleep". Not a parenting book, but a fascinating read on sleep and what we do, and do not, understand about it.