Top 10 Curlyhair tips

Hair net to plop hair. Worked wonders for me today!

Finding a good plopping towel.

I definitely learned through trial and error that my normal towel wasn't cutting it, so I switched to a t-shirt, but I find the shape quite awkward and it wasn't big enough to easily plop with. I also wS having a hard time finding a towel that would work (I find the Microfibre too fuzzy for my frizz!). Solution? I just went to the fabric store and grabbed a meter of stretchy t-shirt cotton. Only a few dollars plus a ton of awesome colours and designs to choose from! Just thought I would share in case anyone is in the same boat :)

Keep an excel spreadsheet with products/techniques used and pictures for each wash/refresh when starting CG.

I still do this when I try new products/techniques, and it saved me today. I recently started plopping with a microfiber towel instead of a tshirt, and my curls were looser and more stringy. It was driving me nuts trying to figure out why my hair looked so bad all of a sudden... looked at my spreadsheet - I changed what I was plopping with. Problem solved. :)​*This will also help you find a clarifying/treatment schedule that is right for your hair. I note in my spreadsheet when I clarify/chelate/treat, and it helps me figure out how frequently I get build-up with different products.

Store the Shea Moisture Conditioner upside down, makes it a lot easier to get out of the bottle since it’s so thick!

Never leave your hair in a pony tail for more than one day.

Just... ouchGetting those knots out was not easy. 20 min while in the shower and 10 min out. Plus a lot of pain.