Top 10 Crucible playbook tips

How to rapid snipe; quick tutorial vid.

Hello folks, I've made a very quick, no bullshit vid on how to pull off those exciting ultra-fast snipes in one fluid motion. It's really a few separate stages as you will see so have a look and question anything you need to: In all seriousness, this is how I've pulled off snipes around the 0.5 second mark and I hope this can help anyone trying to build a foundation for improving sniping in PvP.Good luck :)

If you see a dead bodies on the map minutes after you've killed people.

Don't melee them, it will use up your melee charge.

You can cap the B flag on Memento from outside the shack.

Https:// to share this with you guys. I discovered this while playing last night.

Communication When Dead.

Hey guys, Rewen here and I wanted to leave a quick tip for Trials. When you die, please don't be silent and wait for the round to end. Even though you died the round isn't over and you actually have the power to win the round.I left a video link that shows one example of communication. The first half is the actual gameplay and the second half is me explaining it. I know communication is hard for shy or introverts, but it really helps the team out. you're dead, you can see the opponent that kills you with their red outline. You can also use either your deathcam or the cams of your teammates to relay information. Hope the tips and video was useful!