Top 10 Corgi tips

Get GPU Info



If you have GPU mounted you will get this reply. In case if you don’t know how to mount GPU: Click RunTime Menu → Change RunTime→ Hardware Accelerator → Choose GPU

Opening Notebooks from Github with ease

To open a notebook from Github. Go to switch to the Github tab and enter an organization or URL. A much easier way is to use “Open in Colab” Extension for Chrome After installation, whenever you find a Jupyter notebook in Github, click the icon of the plugin and it will open in Colab.

Send email when the task is complete

This can be helpful when you want to leave your computer for a long time and want to just get a notification when training is completed. This is a perfect candidate to apply with Tip #4.

import smtplibserver = smtplib.SMTP('', 587)server.starttls()server.login("", "your_password_here")msg = "COLAB WORK FINISH ALERT!"server.sendmail("", "", msg)server.quit()

Source: Colab Tricks by Rohit Midha

Pack a pizza stone

A pizza stone will help to even out the heat in your RV’s propane oven so you can bake amazing meals.  And of course, you can always use it to make pizza!  Pizza stones do break, so be sure to protect them by wrapping them for travel. Find more tips for cooking in your RV oven


This one is more of an ML/DL DevOps tips which can work anywhere, even in other Jupyter notebook envs. HyperDash allows you to monitor your model training or anything that is printed via your phone. It supports both iOS and Android and is super simple to get setup. Installation Step:

  • Install HyperDash on your phone
  1. Go to your Jupyter notebook and run the below cell I used GitHub login so I added -github in the end
!pip install hyperdash && hyperdash login — github
  1. Import module from hyperdash import monitor_cell
  2. Use this magic in the cell you want to monitor. Which for most will be the training loop.
%%monitor_cell “model/experiment name”

In the app, you can see something like this. While I have included this as a tip, it is not something I have used. Because I have never trained for a very long duration. As per HyperDash website, it also allows detection of the status of your training and can notify when your training completes, fails, crashes or gets disconnected.

Repurpose your dishwater

When you are boondocking, your time off-grid and unhooked will be much better if you don’t run out of water.  Washing and rinsing dishes uses more water than anything besides your RV toilet, so it makes sense to repurpose your dishwater.  Use a basin to wash your dishes, and then use gray water to flush your toilet.


Demonstration Because this is one of the hardest dog tricks on this list, teaching dogs to salute will really test your patience. It will take a lot of time and repetition, not to mention plenty of enticing treats. Fortunately, I've found a fantastic demonstration video from the popular Surf Dog Richochet that does an excellent job at explaining it.

Fit the Whole Shoreline in with the Ultra Wide Lens

While you’re enjoying a morning walk down the beach with your pup, make sure you spend some time taking in the scenery with the Galaxy S10’s Ultra-Wide lens. Whether you’re trying to capture dramatic skies or expansive shorelines, the 16MP Ultra Wide lens offers a 123-degree field-of-view so you can make your summer photos more interesting. Simply enter the camera app and click on the icon with three trees above the shutter button to use the Ultra-Wide lens.

10. — Random Filler Tips: Dark Mode and Corgi/Kitti Mode

This is kind of a filler tip. (Just because I wanted to round off to 10 tips 😜). Go into Tools -> Preferences -> Theme -> Select dark. While the dark mode is cool. I prefer using a light theme. There is also a Corgi and Kitty mode under Miscellaneous which will add animated Corgis and Kitties in the header.

Make sure your campfire is really out before leaving it

Abandoned campfires are one of the leading causes of forest fires. Not all of these fires were intentionally left smoldering. Campfires heat the ground underneath them hot enough to reignite anything combustible in your firepit hours later.  No one wants to be “that guy/girl” so use lots of water or dirt to thoroughly smother your campfire when you are done with it. As a rule of thumb, you should be able to put your hand comfortably on the ground in your fireplace before you leave.