Top 10 Contest of champions tips

Mix Light, Medium and Heavy Attacks

Winning fights can be easy if you master the basic moves. Once you get them down, you can later work on a perfect combo by going after your opponent with a mix of dashes, dodges, and light and medium hits. The right combination of light and medium attacks can create a perfect combo. For light attacks, tap on the right side of the game screen. Next, tap right multiple times to get a string of hits. For a medium attack, just swipe right. Once you can do each move separately, practice combining light and medium attacks to create a perfect combo.

Tips to Defeat Opponents in the Battle Arena

My method of fighting is to corner my opponents. My preferred attack is to right swipe for a medium hit, following it up with a series of taps to get a combo or vice versa. When the special attack bar fills up, I tap on the special attack icon to use it, but only when my opponent gets a bit defensive or when I have finished attacking him with light and medium hits.

Special Attacks to the Rescue!

The special attack button can be a valuable resource. As you're fighting a superhero or villain, keep an eye on the special attack button on the lower-left corner of the screen. The special attack power meter fills up as you fight. Once the power meter fills up completely, tap on the button to inflict a devastating attack on your opponent.

Use Dodges and Dashes to Get an Edge in Battle

Besides light, medium and heavy attacks, you can use the dodges and dashes to confuse your opponent. To dodge, swipe left. Dodging can help you avoid a string of hits. You can also use this technique if you are getting too close to your opponent and want to avoid a counter hit. The dash technique lets you rush your opponent. To dash, swipe right. After dashing, tap or swipe right to unleash a string of hits to corner your enemy.

Champion Special Abilities: What Are They?

Each hero has some special abilities, which include Armor Breaks, Nullify and Bleed. To know what ability your champion has, go to the champion screen, tap on the hero profile and press “Info." Special abilities are shown on the left side of the champion profile screen. Special abilities show up for a few seconds and are used to react to your opponent’s hits and abilities. See the table below to learn more about what the abilities do.

Go to the Crystal Vault to Get Free Crystals

The Vault has free crystals for players, which include Daily Crystals that let you get a new crystal every day. After purchasing or claiming a free crystal, tap, hold and drag it to the podium. Tap to break the crystal to unveil a new hero. You may obtain a two- or three-star hero from the Daily Crystal. You can also get a free crystal every four hours, which will grant you energy, health, or revive potions for your champions or your team. Premium Hero Crystals aren’t free. They can be bought for Units. The Premium Hero Crystal guarantees 2–4 star heroes.

Class Bonuses Boost Attack Power (Updated)

In Marvel: Contest of Champions, Class Bonuses give your champion bonus attack power. Each champion class is stronger or weaker than the opponent class. Class advantages can be seen in the “vs” screen that appears before a fight. There are six Champion Classes:

  • Tech
  • Science
  • Mystic
  • Mutant
  • Skill
  • Cosmic To know which class is stronger than the other, see the table below.

Upgrade Heroes and Get More Info on the Champions Screen

Get more information about a hero’s class, abilities and stats by tapping on the Champions button. Accessing the Champions screen will also let you upgrade and sell your heroes.

Earn Exclusive Rewards in the Multiverse Arena

Multiverse Arenas are PvP arenas that give you an opportunity to battle random players from around the world. Winning a PvP arena battle grants special rewards like crystal, gold, or even a high-ranked hero. Tap on the Versus button to access the Multiverse Arenas.

Use Crystals and Battle Chips to Earn New Characters

You can maximize your potential by making sure you have the best characters possible.