Top 10 Configuration tips

Configuring the d-pad for fighting games.

TL;DR: touch, not clickSo, something I've noticed naysayers go on about is the lack of a good d-pad for fighting games. I think they might be wrong. While I'm no pro, I think the Steam Controller's d-pad works great for these games.Here's my setup for the left pad: I use it, I slide my thumb around. Haptics give me the click of a good d-pad when I'm inputting things, and a generous deadzone lets me keep my thumb on the pad in neutral. It'll take some getting used to for me, but I think it'll be better for me than the joystick once I do.

About clicking/browsing on Desktop.

The simplest tip I can give that I've come across so far is that if you're using your SC as a desktop controller, set it so a soft pull on each click instead of a full pull are your mouse clicks. It makes browsing much more relaxed and easy I've found! Hope it helps!