Top 10 Civ tips

Let Your Quests and Daily Objectives Guide Your Overall Progress

• Rise of Civilizations gives you a ton of quests to complete. There’s two different types of quests you can keep track of by checking out the piece of parchment and quill tab on the left side of your screen – Main and Side. Be sure to click on the blue arrow next to that tab to always have your main/side quests visible. Performing this action is also great since it instantly lets you collect the rewards gained from completing both quest types. Main and side quests do a good job of helping you focus on the the most important tasks at hand. You’ll never be overwhelmed by the crazy amount of tasks you have to do if you stick to the strict gameplan laid out by your quests tab. • By the way, there’s an added benefit to finishing Daily Objectives. As you check completed Daily Objectives off your list, you’ll pick up all types of rewards and gain Activity Points. Hitting certain Activity Points score limits means you’ll unlock different types of chests. So be sure to complete every Daily Objective so you can log-out of your current game session with plenty of gained rewards sitting in your Items tab. Then do it all over again the next day!

Hook Up With a Lively Alliance ASAP!

• As soon as you get the chance to join an Alliance, make sure you attach yourself to an active one. Lively alliances are usually filled with a ton of members. Alliances offer a ton of benefits, such as numerous gifted chests, new forms of beneficial technology to develop, extra territories to build/manage, and help from your alliance members when it comes to your personal building efforts.

Strengthen Multiple Commanders

• At first, you’ll only have access to one main Commander. But eventually, you’ll gather even more powerful Commanders for your kingdom. You should focus on upgrading all of them equally. It’s good to have a main Commander who can be sent out with your troops to fend off Barbarians and other foes. And it’s also a smart move to leave a strong Commander back at home that can properly defend your Wall. • Be sure to participate in Expedition Mode – completing that mode’s missions helps you gain the type of rewards that can be exchanged for Commander Sculptures in the Medal Store. Commander Sculptures are used to upgrade your Commanders and unlock various new Skills. Also, taking down Barbarians gifts you with the items needed to help level up your Commanders. Leveling up Commanders gives you access to Talent Points, which are used to unlock various boosts/perks for them. Be sure to unlock the types of abilities that benefit the main attributes of a particular Commander.

Upgrade All Your Buildings to Their Max Level Before Your Upgrade Your City Hall

• As you regularly upgrade your City Hall, you’ll acquire new buildings that can be built within your kingdom. Depending on your City Hall level, each of your buildings will have a new max level they can be built towards. It’s in your best interest to make sure each of your buildings hit their max upgrade level before you choose to upgrade your City Hall. That way, everything will be fairly balanced and equally prepared for their next upgrade level.

Constantly Recruit New Troops

• Your Commander will never have to head into battle alone. You’ll be able to recruit fellow troops to their side by continually upgrading your Archery Range, Stable, Barracks etc. These types of buildings are the ones you should focus on upgrading and training the most. • Having access to more powerful troops means you’ll have an easier time taking down Barbarians, completing battles in Expedition Mode, and successfully aiding your Alliance during War skirmishes. Don’t forget to click on the upward arrow near the VIP Level icon to check out the types of items that can instantly enhance your troops. Having an extra stat boost for your troops during outside battles and kingdom defending is always a viable strategy.

Wipe Out Those Pesky Barbarians and Gather Outside Resources

• When it comes time to send out your Commander and troops for some adventuring, you’ll have a few exploration options at your fingertip. You can choose to fight groups of Barbarians in order to acquire various rewards. Or you can decide to go to different resource deposits (the Cropland, Logging Camp, Stone Deposit, and Gold Deposit) in order to gather those resources for your kingdom. Make sure you’re Commander and troops are up to the task – even if you send them out to gather more goods, they’ll probably be confronted by Barbarians.

Don’t Forget to Put Your Scouts to Work!

• Scouts are the type of unit that can be sent out to explore the land and clear out the fog present within it. Don’t forget to put them to work every now and then – through their efforts, you’ll gather more info about other governors’ own kingdoms and their troop lineup. Doing so will help you gain new allies that can aid your kingdom building efforts. Dispersing more fog leads to you having a clearer idea of everything that exists within your world.

If usually leaving Civ VI running in the background, consider using strategic view before alt-tabbing, to reduce cpu/gpu usage and temps.

Save Your Speed Up Items for Buildings That Take Longer Than Usual to Finish Upgrading

• Upgrading your buildings tends to take a long time to finalize. You can rely on your Alliance members to help speed up the process. Plus you can use your Gems and various Speed Up Items to help cut that completion time down. Don’t ever waste your Gems on this process – using Alliance aid and using Speed Up items is the way to go. Later on when you’re in the middle of upgrading buildings that have an insanely long completion time, you’ll really have to rely on the aforementioned building upgrade options.