Top 10 Cinema4d tips

Formula + Collision deformer = Cloth LOL

CTRL + Shift + Z is used to undo a camera movement without affecting any actions.

I just found this out by accident after using the program for about 5 years. I can't count how many times I've accidentally moved a camera or lost track of where an object is because of a movement mistake.Just thought I'd let y'all know.

Reset any field value to default by right-clicking on up/down arrows.

Screenshot (

Stop having to delete Default Specular from Reflectance Channel.

If you keep removing the Default Specular from the Reflectance Channel, you can remove it permanently and set that as the default for a new material.Add a new Material, then in the Attributes Manager follow the instructions in this screenshot ( same method can be used for permanently altering any attribute of any object in Cinema 4D.

Ever notice Cinema4D renders slower in the background? Turn off this setting to speed it up!

Move, Scale and Rotate Animation Curves in the Viewport.

To edit animation curves in the viewport, switch to Animation Mode. When in Animation Mode you can use Move, Scale and Rotate on the object's animation path. You can click and move each keyframe too.Screenshot (

Expand timeline (power) slider with shortcut when you increase number of keyframes.

When you increase the number of keyframes, instead of using the slider, you can click in a blank area of the Timeline (Power) Slider area and press Ctrl(Cmd)+A to expand it automatically.Screenshot (