Chinese language tips

Speak in the Language with a Native

Learning to speak a language is more important than hearing or reading it. Once you have learned some basic vocabulary in a language, set up a Skype exchange with a native of a country that speaks the language you are trying to learn. That individual is usually one who is trying to learn English. Otherwise you can use and get one-on-one lessons from a native for $5/hour. And here is a great tip: If you like music, listen to songs in that language as much as possible. You will pick up new vocabulary and, once you can sing along, you'll be getting great pronunciation practice.

Use the Language Every Day

You don't have to travel to a country that speaks the language you want to learn in order to interact with it every day. There are hundreds of websites to turn to. You can get radio broadcasts in almost any language by using; you can go to another country's version of Amazon or EBay and purchase television series in another language that also offers dubbing. You can locate popular blogs in other languages, if you want to improve your reading skills in another language.

Learn the Cognates

Cognates are words in another language that look very similar to words in your native language. Thus, automobile in Spanish is automóvil. Many of the English words that end in -tion have counterparts in other Romance languages. So, words such as nation, education, communication, solution, and hundreds of others are the same by just changing out the -tion and replacing it with -ción in Spanish, -zione in Italian, or -ção in Portuguese. A lot of others words are very similar because they have the same Latin or Greek root in them. So, you can easily understand the word "exemple" in French, "capitano" in Italian, or "astronomia" in Spanish. If you want to find and learn these cognates in the language you are trying to learn, all you have to do is Google the language and then the word "cognates. You'll get a long list. Many of the non-Romance languages have borrowed words from English, and you can find those as will. You can Google such terms as "English loan words in Japanese" and get them.

Learn the Right Words

In the English language, there are about 300 words that make up well over 50% of all writing. Other languages are the same. So, the first trick is to learn the most common words in the language you are trying to master. You can find these online and you can either make flash cards for them or use already prepared flash cards on lots of sites. You can actually download flashcards for the most common words in any language on the Anki app. And your study of these words is automated with a "spaced repetition" so you don't forget them.

French is the fifth biggest language in the world

French has 280 million speakers in total, 77.2 million native speakers, and 202.6 non-native speakers. French serves as the official language in 29 different countries, people use it on all 5 continents. You can find this language both in Europe, Canada, and Africa, which is where the biggest proportion of French-speakers live.

Spanish comes in as the fourth biggest language

Spanish is the official language in 20 countries, and it used to be the universal language in the world. Today 534 million people in total speak Spanish, 460,1 million native speakers, and 74,2 million non-native speakers. Are you an eager Spanish learner? Check out the Best ways to learn Spanish fast.

English Like A Native

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Hindi is the third most spoken language in the world

Out of the 615 million people in total who speak Hindi, 341.2 million people have Hindi as their mother tongue, and 274.2 million people are non-native speakers. Hindi is the language of India, but actually, in India alone, there are 23 official languages.

English is the language with most speakers

When talking about the most prominent language, it is necessary to clarify whether you refer to the language with most native-speakers or speakers in general regardless of their mother tongues. In 2020 English had the bigger number of speakers in the world- 1.13 billion, both native and non-native. 379 million people have English as their mother tongue, and 753.3 million people speak English but have other mother tongues. English is lingua franca, which means that it is the language we use when talking to people with whom we cannot communicate in any other language. This role of the English language is probably why it is the most spoken language in the world today. Are you an English learner? Check out How to Learn English Fast: 10 ways that work.

Post speech evaluation

Last but not the least, if you’ve done public speaking and have been scarred from a bad experience, try seeing it as a lesson learned to improve yourself as a speaker.