Top 10 Beermoney tips

Encrave AOL Answers.

If you go to your inbox on Swagbucks, click a message, then click "back to inbox," you should get a banner at the top of your inbox that says "Complete this activity for 1 easy Swag Buck!" This brings up Encrave AOL Answers. You are supposed to ask 3 questions or complete 3 tasks on the referenced site. Well here's how to make it really easy:1. Click on the background of the 'type your question' landing page. You get 1/3 tasks for this.2. Then type a quick question. I am doing "Who invented ___?" because it's easy to recycle. 2/33. Click the first answer link. 3/3Takes about 6 seconds? You can keep going back to this banner through your inbox. At least I am able to this morning. Makes meeting the goal really easy today. Here's a proof of it working: this helps out.


Recently they took the Amazon GC off for a lot of people. Including me. I waited a while and gained points waiting to get it back. For a month I did not get it back. I messaged support and was told it's random. So I stopped using Bing for two weeks. After the two weeks, I checked and I had the Amazon GC back. Cashed out and got my GC this morning. So tip: If you still don't have it, just stop using Bing for two weeks or so. I have a feeling they are doing this to save money. Those who still use Bing after they save money by not giving them the GC. Really imo stupid, but w/e. I got mine back and hope you guys do also.

Manage farms remotely.

If you're running PerkTv on devices at your workplace, you might want to check up on / control them remotely. Or, if it's all the way across the room, and you don't want to get up...* TeamViewer QuickSupport works for some Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, Alcatel One Touch / TCL, Prestigio, Archos, Medion, Caterpillar / CAT, and Unitech phones* Or, if you root your phone, try running a VNC Server on it.